Walking – The Ideal Exercise

By Deline Tan

Walking – your ideal way to weight loss if you know how to pace yourself through the week, with five hours per week, and walk about an hour per trip. Yes, you can lose weight if you are serious to commit yourself to this routine.

Walking has been found to benefit the body, preventing tension and stress, and even depression, if you know how to ward off this negative mood. Walking also get rids of bad cholesterol and lowers it, and also increases good cholesterol. When done regularly, it will also prevent heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke, and even colon cancer. Walking also help postmenopausal woman build up its bone density.

Walking is one form of exercise that don’t requires expensive gadgets, but just a good pair of shorts and a tee-shirt and a pair of good walking shoe, and one that will not cause bristle. You can adopt  the habit of walking to the early morning hour than taking a bus, and walk round the shopping mall when you go window shopping, and do it for about an hour, and that takes the form of exercise for you.

You can plan your walking route through the week, and aim to lose weight by walking further and faster as you progresses in your exercises. Researchers have found that walking is one of the best means to keep to optimum health, and the longer you walk, you can actually extend your life span. Walking is one way that also helps to get rid of the abdominal fats, and builds calf muscles.

In our modern society, where everything we do has become machine oriented, like the mow lawn is used by motor, cutting off the labour effort of cutting the grass with a cutter, washing the disher pots with a washer saucer machine, brushing the teeth too, has a motor running tooth-brush. Watching the television with a remote control button, lessening the effort to walk to the TV, and many other lazy man’s way of doing things.

Rather, we need to walk the extra mile to keep off the lazy bones, and the more we walk the better it is for us. You can also count the calories that you want to lose, by using up to 3,500 calories, which lose to a pound. If you walk a mile for about 15 minutes, and increase it through the week, you will reach optimum heath, as the distances are long and at a face pace. For those of us who are not competitive, you may want to settle for shorter distance and a slower speed.

Walking does many things to your body, as the heart pumps faster, strengthening the heart, and the leg muscles are developed, as well as losing body fats build around the waist and hip. If you have no time for exercise, walk about thirty minutes a day, from walking from your house to the market daily, or find ways and means to walk within the vicinity of the house.

There are many opportunities to walk through the day, if you were to find ways and means to do so. Walking can be an everyday affair, as there are hundred and one things that you do that require walking; like running errands, walk to the food centre instead of taking a bus or drive, and making habits to walk to your destinations instead of taking short cuts.

If you’re determined to loss weight and be energetic and bubbly, walk everyday and you will do so with ease without fussing, and soon you’ll find that you are doing those extra exercises without you realising it. Stride your steps each day, and soon it will be an effortless walk daily.


Onions – The Strong Pungent Alliums Group

Onion – the alliums group of vegetables, has a potent antioxidant organosulphur compound, which is rare in other vegetables. This fist size onion has many  health benefits, as it contains chemical compounds believed to have anti-inflammatory, anti-cholesterol, anti-cancer and antioxidant properties.

It is also a rare source of Vitamin C, B6, biotin, chromium, calcium, and consists of good dietary fibre, with a good amount of folic acid, and Vitamin B1 and K. Indeed with such a high dosage of the many different enzymes, onions are truly a good source for activating manganese and molybdenum, as well as having a good amount of folate and potassium.

The enzymes allinase is responsible for the strong pungent smell, which causes one to tear if you peel or cut the onions. The other vast benefits of onions is the present of quercetin, which with increased consumption, can reduce the risk of head and neck cancers; and also helpful against bee stings. Other benefit is the present of the plejomeric chemicals in onions that have the potential to alleviate or prevent sore throat.

Onion is also a good source of flavonoid polyphenols, which helps to lower cholesterol and triglycerides levels, and helps improve cell membrane function in red blood cells. It also protects the heart and blood vessels if combine with vegetables and fruits, as it increases the enzymes flavonoid.

Onion is also very beneficial for menopausal ladies, as it helps to increase its bone density. If you consume two to five times a week for this potent onions, this moderate amount can help prevent colorectal cancer, laryngeal cancer and ovarian cancer. It also prevents periodontal disease of the gum.

It is also good for the liver as a sulphur food, which when mix with protein, it stimulates the action of the amino acids in the digestive system. Its detoxifying enzymes in onions also help to remove heavy metals in the body, by removing lead, arsenic and cadmium, which accumulate in the body through the foods that we eat, that are exposed to the environmental surroundings of the pesticides that we get from the vegetables.

The antioxidant property in onion helps to detoxify the body by reducing the damage in cells caused by the free radicals, and protect the body from the harmful toxins that we breathe, through the environmental exposure from the gas and lead that we breathe in daily around the traffic.

Onion also helps reduce blood-sugar level in the body, stabilising the blood glucose level, and maintaining a steady flow of insulin. The amount of benefits of onion is indeed wide and varied. The small doses of onions that we consume daily are really effective in protecting our health from diabetes to hay fever, bronchitis, asthma, atherosclerosis, and infection of the stomach cancer.

There is no doubt that this puny small hand size fist onion is truly magnificent and extraordinary in all its properties, and it is only understandable that we want to consume it everyday, to benefit from all its useful effects for our body. One half of onion will do the trick of protecting our health everyday if we eat it daily.

Slimming – The Healthy You

By Deline Tan

Slimming – everyone’s dream, if you fight your body fats and can’t seem to shed those extra pounds, what do you do?

There are so many slimming methods in the market, but what works for you? Most slimming methods taught you how to eat less and slim down, but after you manage to shed those extra pounds, in no time you start to put on the weight that you’ve shed before. Why is this so? Well, slimming methods only worked if you realise that the eating habit is the very means that control your weight, coupled with exercises.

If you’re on a diet, you want to make sure that your weight remains constant even after you’ve achieved results from your dieting plan. So what is the secret to stay slim throughout your life and never have to worry about that big thigh or tummy again?

Well, staying slim is a lifestyle. The foods we eat determine our weight. If you eat junk food, you will only put on the fats in all the wrong places. If you’ve sweet tooth and munch tit-bits and candies all the time, know that you will surely put on weight. Or, you eat like a king and do not bother what you actually put into your mouth, then you are likely to put on those extra pounds on your body, as the body processed the kind of foods that you eat and gain those extra pounds if it is junk.

Let’s look at how we can maintain a steady diet of good foods that will cause you to lose weight. First, eat healthily with foods that guarantee fat lose as your body burns the foods that you ate. What foods are these? Well, a good percentage of carbohydrates, fats and proteins must be well distributed if you want to know how to eat. Fruits and vegetables are the healthiest, as it is fibrous and full of antioxidant. Our body needs antioxidant to fight the free radicals in our system, which attacks the good cells if you’re deprived of the vitamins and minerals that you can get from fruits and vegetables.

Nuts and seeds are also the top notch fats you want to include in your diet, as they contain Vitamin A, C, D and E. An easy way to eat these foods is through one of the splurging moments when you feel like snacking, than grab a packet of cashew, pistachio, almond or macadamia nuts, which will satisfy your cravings, as these are dense foods that can make you feel full for a long time.

Have a proper meal of good carbohydrates, like sweet potato, which are high in flavanoid, and helps to ease bad cholesterol, and build up good cholesterol. Sweet potato is high in Vitamin D, which strengthens your immune system and maintains a healthy weight.  A good bowl of oats during breakfast adds fibre to your diet and builds your body enzymes that fights plague built around the heart and eases the flow of oxygenated blood to your body.

Chicken, meat and turkey are good protein meats that build up your body mass, and strengthened the muscles, and getting rid of layered fats stored in the visceral fats around the organs. These fats are threatening to your health, as it causes cancer, heart attack, diabetes and high blood pressure. If your body fats is above 21%, it is considered dangerous. We can get rid of fats through exercises, like work-out in the gym, or go for active sports like swimming, playing tennis, or go climb the hills, which will cause you to burn your body fats.

Egg is very good source of protein, as it nourishes your health with Vitamins A, D & E, but many people mistaken egg to have high cholesterol, but instead it helps to build up the good cholesterol. There are many ways to prepare an egg. Boiled and half-boiled are the simpliest, and the more interesting way of preparing it is to fly it with your choiciest vegetables, or add sausages, nuts, beans, or chicken to it. Pouch egg is a little difficult to prepare, as you need to know how to stir the pot of water which is half-filled, and throw the raw egg into the pot, wait for seven minutes, than you’ll have a nice pouch egg with the fluid egg yolk, giving you the best taste.

Side treats that you can afford to indulge in is dark chocolate, with more than 70% cocoa mixed. This high fat burning carbohydrate will help burn your stored body fats and strengthened your immune system, as it contains a hormone that builds up good serotonin in your brain, which makes you joyful and cheerio. Avocado too, is a very good source of healthy monounsaturated fats, as it burns stubborn body fats and acts as fuel for your body.

As you watch what you eat everyday, you will maintain a good healthy body without any weight problem. Apart from foods, exercise in the right manner too, will help get rid of the fats in your body. High resistance exercises like weigh-training builds on dumbbells and barbells are very effective in getting rid of body fats. It takes diligent to see tangible results if you exercise three times a week, each time for about half an hour, depending on the kinds of exercises that you do.

Apart from foods and exercises, water and sleep are the next important habits that you can build on. We need a lot of water to quash out the toxins in our body, preferably about eight cups a day, and you will notice that your dull face will be radiant if you take enough water. We need minimum 6 to 8 hours of sleep nightly, without which, it will affect our alertness and mental state. You will be grouchy and careless in your daily work as the mind is without the needed rest.

If you want to slim down, eat the right kinds of food, with balance phytonutrients of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, together with vitamins and minerals that you can obtain from a wide variety of foods, like fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and animal products. You can eat well and exercise right, without having the fear of putting on weight if you will only eat right and exercise right.

Sugar – Body Fats Exposed

Deline Tan

Sugar is the sweet stuff that we consume everyday in almost all of our foods. However, too much sugar will affect our health, as sugar is converted to fats and stored especially in the thigh, hip and tummy area.

Sugar spikes up the insulin level in the body when you consumed it. It is the number one cause for diabetes and obesity. It acts as an addiction to those who have sweet-tooth, as one will not go without sugar in their food, as it is a habit to consume sugar. The craving for sugar started when you eat foods that are sugary and you satisfy your cravings for it each time when you eat something sweet.

Many do not realise the seriousness of addiction to this sweet stuff, as sugar in the body converts it to body fats. It is dangerous to have more than 20% of body fats in our body, as more than that can lead to sicknesses like cancer, heart attack and diabetes. Obesity is unavoidable when we consume foods with so much sugar like sweet cakes, candies, donuts, biscuits and other sweet foods.

It’s best to avoid taking sugar in our diet, as we can go without it in our coffee or tea, and bake your cake using stevia, which is an artificial sweetening that is several times sweeter than sugar, but is very low in calorie, not acidic, and does not cause a spike in blood sugar level. This artificial sweetening is healthy to health compared to sugar, which causes health hazard.

If this is not an understatement, every one of us loves bread. White bread contains nothing nutritional but with a lot of sugar. The reason why people love bread is because they are addicted to it. You can’t go without bread every morning as bread is known to be our staple diet, but we do not know that wheat can cause belly-fat, with the additional high level of sugar.

I’ve have had it experimented before,  as once upon a time, I do not take lunch with healthy food, but eat bread breakfast and lunch almost everyday, that I began to build up a big fat-belly. As I realise that bread is the culprit for my belly-fat, I cut off bread completely and eat healthy foods, my body weight became normal again, with smaller stomach.

You will find that you will have a much more healthy body if you watch the amount of sugar that you consume. Soft drinks like coke contains eight tablespoon of sugar, as almost all other soft drinks, and it will affect your cells, as fat cells began to build up and we become fat. It also desensitises the cells as sugary drinks triggers a quick release of insulin from the pancreas.

If you stop the craving for sugar, temporarily you may experience withdrawal symptoms like headache, depression, anxiety, anger, sleeplessness and muscular acnes and pains. How then can we break the habit of consuming sugar?

First, replace sugar craving with fruits. Fruits are high in fibre and are very good for our health. Secondly, avoid white bread and starchy food, baked goods, potato chips, and sugary stuff. Thirdly, avoid foods that contains a lot of sugar; for example when you are baking, replace sugar with stevia; drink less sweeten drinks like having plain tea and coffee without sugar; instead, add lemon to your tea which tastes great and full of antioxidant.

There are many ways to avoid taking sugar. It’s up to you to be sensitive to the amount of sugar that you consume daily. If you watch your sugary foods that you eat and the sweetened drinks that you drink everyday, you will definitely lose weight, as less fats are stored in your body and you will find that your waist line is more trimmed. You are fitter if you eat less of sugar and you will find that you have more energy for the day.

Stay away from sugar, and you will have the optimum of health. You will stay slim as you are not adding to your weight because of the fats that you eliminate when you do not consume sugar. Aim to stay healthy by eliminating sugar completely, and you will find the new you, vibrate, fresher and fitter everyday.

Antioxidant – Killer of Free Radicals

By Deline Tan

What we eat is very important to our body. A healthy diet daily would mean no sickness. However, in our fast pace society, we have adopted the stance to want everything quick, that we opt for fast-cooked noodle, fast foods like burgers and take aways. We didn’t realise that this kind of eating not only deprive us of the healthy nutritional value from the multinutrients diet of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, but it will also cause us our health.

It is bad enough if you constantly binge cookies, pastry, donuts, french fries, and other fried oily foods like chicken wings, curry puff and others, that you fail to give heed to the fats that would soon build around your belly waist, and in the near future, sicknesses like cancer, heart attacks, high blood pressure and other illness would soon catch up with you.

One of the most important diets that we must have daily is antioxidant. This important diet is found in fruits and vegetables, and helps fight the free radicals in our body. We contacted free radicals while exercising or from air pollution, smoke, sun exposure, exposure to chemicals, and even from eating junk foods.

If the intakes of our foods lack antioxidant, our body cannot fight the free radicals that we contacted from our surroundings, than our good cells will be under attack. The cells in our body is very important as it determines the state of our health. To keep at bay from contacting diseases, have lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Fruits high in antioxidant are berry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, cranberry, and cherry. These fruits are very nutritional and high in fibre, and certainly guide your body to protect good cells. A good way to eat these fruits is to add them to your smootie, or yogurt.  Try it and you can’t help but want more of these fruits as they are not only healthy, but also very delicious and nutritional.

Vegetables with its many varied colours like yellow, orange, red and etc, are also high in antioxidant. They are corn, cantaloupe, butternut, squash, and tomato. A regular intake of these vegetables will help strengthen your body.

Green tea, white tea, black tea, oolong tea, chamomile tea, red tea and rooibos tea are excellent teas that are high in antioxidant. These teas remove toxic waste in the body, and cleanse your body system. It is great after a good meal to drink these teas, as it helps in the digestion and clears the digestive system.

The different varied nuts and seeds are rich in antioxidant, and provide good monounsaturated fats. Other good sources of antioxidant are red and black beans, purple potatoes, grapes, red-wine, coffee, dark chocolate and cocoa. These are all very nutritional and very good for your health.

Spices too, like cinnamon, turmeric, oregano, basil, black pepper, as well as herbs, are good sources of antioxidant. If you love curry, you can add turmeric to taste, and it is one of the healthiest foods.

Other benefit of antioxidant helps clear wrinkles and protects your skin from the damaging sun. Watch your diet and be sure to have many servings of fruits and vegetables daily, as well as nuts and seeds, and you will have the strong potent of antioxidant that will keep you from poor health. Stay healthy by the regular consumption of these good foods that will surely keep you from catching any disease.

Colon Health – It’s Your Life

By Deline Tan

What is the most important organ in your body? Is it liver? Yes, it aids and controls the enzymes in what you eat. Besides liver, which is the next most important organ?  Colon? Yes, colon helps regulate and eases off the toxic waste in the body. It eliminates unwanted food and clears the body system, and if the digestive system is clogged with constipation, than it is difficult to eliminate the bowels.

Constipation is one of the worst problems in the body, as if the colon is clogged, the whole body will take its toil. As the whole digestive system is affected with frequent irritable bowel syndrome, the body will feel weak and tired, rashes starts appearing, the sleep is also affected, and the stomach will be bloated with acid influx gas and you lose all your energy.

Tiredness, fatigue, lost of energy, and an irritable self, they are all related to poor bowel system. This is so because if the colon is blocked, the whole body will be affected. It is important to cleanse your colon regularly with fasting and cleansing. A three day fruit fast without food is one of the ways to cleanse your colon. Fruits have high fibre and  antioxidant, and it clears the body of its toxic waste.

If the colon is not well taken care of, and with the constant irritable bowel syndrome, it will lead to colon cancer. It is better to take care of your health rather than to fall sick. The food we eat is very important, as it must lead to good digestion and easy toileting. Fruits and vegetables are the best fibre, and also nuts and seeds too, which also provide fibre. Nuts and seeds are proteins and it is an essential building block to strengthen and build our muscles.

Laxative is not good for the colon if you suffer from constipation, as frequent usage will lead to dependency on it, which leads to ineffectiveness in addressing the problem. We must go to toilet daily, as what we eat must come out. Detoxification of the colon must be done regularly to maintain good health.

I’ve tried three day fruit fast, as after the fast, I look radiant, energetic and full of life. It is one of the best ways to detox, as fruits are the natural means to cleanse the body. Coffee enigma is another way to detox the colon, which essentially cleanse the liver as well, before trashing out the wastes in the colon.

There are many ways to detox your colon, as the market is full of products that will aid your cleansing. In order to stay healthy, we must cleanse our body regularly, and fasting is one of the best ways. Try one day in a week to fast from total food, and you will look radiant and bubbly.

Colon health is so important to keep us agile and energetic. If you eat right, you will not have a blotted stomach and a big waist line. If the colon is ingested with unwanted wastes, it will also affect your tummy. Nobody wants a big tummy, and if you keep your colon clean, you will trim your waist line.

Keep a clean healthy colon and you will lead a happy and healthy life style. Live to the fullest and say good bye to low energy, fatigue and sluggishness. Keep a radiant smile and enjoy a good healthy body with good healthy colon.

3 Foods that Fight Belly Fats

By Deline Tan

Have you ever thought of losing your belly-fat? The ugly pouch is unsightly and certainly don’t look good on your dressing. Most of us fight our belly-fats by eating less, but you need to know that some of the foods that you eat daily do have the capacity to burn off your belly-fats if you consume them regularly.

What are the foods that cut down your waist line and make you look good in your outfit? There are many varieties of food that can burn belly-fat. I’ll just name three essential foods that help you burn off your waist line. They are dark chocolates, avocadoes and eggs.

Chocolate is known to promote good hormones in our body, but most milk chocolates are high in sugar that can cause weight gain. However for dark chocolates, if it is made with 70% or more coco, it is ideal to fight body fats and cause you to slim down. This bitter taste coco dark chocolate is one of the best foods to cut down on your belly-fats. It’s tasty with its bitter sweet taste, and is ideal for a good snack.

If you’re thinking of good monounsaturated fats, avocado will definitely give a boost to your health, as it is one of the healthiest fats that help to burn off belly-fats. It is not enough just to eat a good carbo and protein diets without good proper fats that is part of the phyto-nutrients . What we usually consumed for fats are saturated fats like oily carrot cakes, oily oyster, and fried foods. What we need most should be monounsaturated fats like avocado that helps to burn fats fast. It also reduces the bad LDL of bad cholesterol and helps increase the good HDL cholesterol.

Many people do not know or appreciate eggs, as it is one of the good high proteins that give   you all the good nutrients. People link the egg yolk as bad for high cholesterol, but they didn’t know that it actually increases the good HDL cholesterol. An egg alone is full of good nutrients and all the protein is found in the egg yolk. The best eggs are those taken from farm-raised chicken, where they roam around in the back yard, compared to those cage-raised chickens that feed on corns and feeds that are not naturally for chicken to feed on.

The egg yolk of the farm-raised chicken is rich in golden colour, compared to the cage-raised ones, where the egg yolk is light in yellowish colour and it’s lesser in omega 3 DHA. Two eggs for breakfast makes a healthy diet, and there are variety ways of cooking eggs. The ideal way is half-boiled or hard boiled, compared to fried, as it is less fatty.

If you follow these three good healthy foods with good fats, you will find that you will gradually lose your body fats. An ideal body fats for our body is 20%, and if you have more than 20%, then you need to watch your diet or eat foods that burn fats.

Consume these three foods and you will appreciate your eating habits and keep a slim body without the ugly pouch in your tummy. If you consume these three foods regularly, you will truly keep a slim waist line. Let these foods give you a boost when you eat and enjoy the richness of these fantastic foods. Burn fats fast while you consume these irresistible foods.