Arthritis – Is It a Curse?

By Deline Tan

 Arthritis – the inflammation of the joints, which affect the musculoskeletal part at the leg joints or hand, is an inherited genetic cause. For example, my mum suffers from arthritis, so is my two aunties (my mum’s sisters), and my uncle (my mum’s brother), including myself and my two other sisters. Arthritis has passed down its family root from my mother’s family. The pain in the joints is excruciating. When the ligament wears off, the joint is stiff and painful. There may be swelling, with fluid in the joints but this usually is not painful.

The hustle for me in my knee pain is that I couldn’t exercise. I have body fats that I want to get rid of but I can’t do knee squat or other exercises because of the pain at the knee joints. I would also like a game of badminton weekly, but I can’t play the game because of the knee pain. Walking is also affecting my leg, as I have tried walking for two hours at the beach and my leg was painful after I came back. Now I don’t exercise anymore because of the pain. What kind of lifestyle is it without exercises?

My mum has arthritis for more than 30 years. Her leg is bold now, with a V shaped. She can hardly sit properly on a chair. Bending down to sit is very painful for her. One of my aunts has problem walking. She literally drags herself while walking. The pain prevents her from walking normally. For myself, each time when I climb the bus steps, I will feel the pain. It is not a joke when you suffer from arthritis. It disables you from participating in normal activities, and for me it means no exercises.

There is limited movement that I can engaged in, as the cartilage which protects the joint wears off, and the pressure is on the joints  without any cushion, as the bones rub together, causing great pain. However, one of the key ways to lessen the pain is to engage in selected exercises like physiotherapy, which needs guidance from the physiotherapist. Low impact aerobic activity, with endurance exercises like flexibility strength training for muscle tone is one of the many types of physio-training.

Eating food like omega 3 fatty acid in fish oil helps in alleviating the joint pain. Rest from fatigue from work is also important, as you put less stress on the legs. Eating balance diet is important as the body needs sufficient nutrients to sustain the body from the joints wear and tear. Fish like sardine is good, as you eat the bones of the fish too, which helps to build up the mass in the bones.

There is no cure for arthritis except for surgery, which the cartilages are replaced with a plastic articulators which help to give flexibility to the joints. As for myself, the pain is mild and the best way is to have a good diet, rest from activity and trust God for healing. There is nothing that one can do when one is stricken with the problem. The best way is to break the generation curse and ask God to remove the problem. It can be done as God is our creator.


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