Water – The Precious Quencher

By Deline Tan

Water – the most essential liquid that our body needs, is one of the most important commodities in our domestic life. Water helps our body to perform many functions. It aids digestion and absorption of food. It maintains muscle tone and supply nutrients and oxygen to the cells. It rids the body of waste and serves as a natural cooling system for the body.

We can’t survive without water. Our body is made up of 60% water, and a drop of 2% of water in our body will lead to dehydration. This may cause fuzzy short term memory, faced problem with simple basic maths, and difficulty focusing on small print while reading or seeing the computer. Mild dehydration can also lead to daytime fatigue. Our cell and organs in the entire anatomy of the physiology depend on water for its functioning. Water cleanses and washes away toxin in the body , clearing the liver and kidney from the waste products.

We need eight glasses of clear water daily, to help keep the body system in check, for example, the waste in the colon needs water to easily pass out the waste; the perspiration from the skin needs replenishment of water for the body; water helps relieve constipation; and water is essential for weight loss.

We may not die in hunger, but if we don’t drink water for many days, we will die. Water can decrease the onset of colon cancer by 45%; bladder cancer by 50%, and even reduce the risk of breast cancer. Water acts as a deterrent against sicknesses in the body, as it keeps the cell intact, and helps monitor the functioning of the body.

3% of the earth’s water is freshwater. It is estimated that by 2030, the demand for water will exceed 50%. One billion people will lack fresh drinking water, as 97% of the ocean water is undrinkable. Water is in a constant cycle, as it evaporates from the ocean, travels through the air, rains down on the land and flows back into the ocean.

Water is a molecule with one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms known as H2O. Water is the only substance that occurs naturally as a solid form – ice, liquid and gas. The freezing point of water is 0 degree censius, and the boiling point is 100 degree censius. The solid form forms glaciers, frozen lakes and rivers, snow, hail and frost. The liquid is rain and dew, which covers three quarters of the earth surface in swamps, lakes, rivers and oceans. Water also occurs in the soil and beneath the earth’s surface as a vast groundwater reservoir. As gas or water vapour, it occurs as fog, steam and clouds.

It is undeniable that water is very important for man’s existence. We cannot live without it. Man, animal and plant need this precious commodity, as our body is covered with two thirds of water. It is most refreshing when we thirst, but that is a sign that we are dehydrated, therefore we need to constantly sip water throughout the whole day to prevent dehydration.

Soda drinks, coffee and tea cannot take the place of water to replenish the body and flush away the toxic wastes. We need pure water to wash the system in our body. Our urine must be clear in colour or like light lemon colour, otherwise we would consider to be dehydrated if the urine is deep yellow.

Water is precious. Consume plenty of it and do not drink less than eight glasses a day, and you can beat the heat without being dehydrated.


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