Indigestion – How to Avoid it

By Deline Tan

Have you ever wonder why you are constipated all the time? Some people just live with this problem when there is a way out to indigestion. Our lifestyle will determine the effect to eliminate constipation and indigestion completely. The food you eat will determine your digestive state. If you eat too much fried food and drink very little water, you are in to a lifestyle of constant constipation and indigestion.

Water is the determining factor, as if even when you eat high fibre diet but have no water, your stool will be hard and it is impossible to eliminate the wastes. Bowels need moisture to pass properly in the colon. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables will help eased indigestion. Papaya is a great cleanser, along with carrots, corn, squash, bamboo shoots, zucchini and beets. These fruits and vegetables help to purge the old fecal matter that may have stuck in the colon for a long time.

Licorice tea is very good as it creates moisture and helps in the bowel movement. Eating whole grain diet with brown rice will ease digestion too. Be creative in your eating habit. Eat many different coloured vegetables daily, like white for cabbage, orange for carrot, green for leafy vegetable, purple for brinjo, red for tomato, and many other varied vegetables. The different coloured vegetables give a high dose of vitamins and minerals, as eating the various vegetables daily will assist you in your phytonutrient diet.

Drinking a lot of water is crucial for the moisture of the bowel, as without it, it prevents the wastes from passing smoothly through the colon; and it will cause a weakening of the colon muscles, as it finds it difficult to squeeze the muscle, thus causing constipation.

Some chronic constipation is hard to cure. This kind needs medical attention. It is known that Elvis Presley died of constipation, where the bloated stomach was beyond cure. You may not realise that there are people who died due to constipation. They carry between 30 to 40 lbs of fecal matter that is like cement.

When you feel a feeling of fullness, or discomfort during or after a meal, accompanied by burning or pain in the upper stomach, then you need to be cautious in the way you eat. If pain persisted, see a doctor. The symptoms of constipation is bloating, belching and gas, followed by nausea, vomiting, acidic taste, growling stomach, burning in the stomach and upper abdominal pain.

To avoid constipation, do not eat too much or eating too fast, or consuming high fat foods, or eating during stressful moments. Drinking too much alcohol and smoking will lead to stress and fatigue, causing an imbalance in the body hormones, thus causing constipation. Make a habit to eat slowly as eating too quickly will cause you to swallow excessive air, which may cause belching and bloating.

If you lead a healthy life style of eating a constant portion of food daily without overeating, and eat high fibre foods plus plenty of water, you will not have constipation. Avoid the hustle of suffering from this avoidable indigestion by always eating right and you will never have the difficulty in going to the toilet daily.


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