Pork – The Unhealthy Means

By Deline Tan

Are you a pork lover? We eat pork as it has been a tradition for thousands of years, but if you were to check the biblical principles in Leviticus 11, God has strictly lay down His laws what are clean and unclean animals.

We see in Leviticus 11:4 God underlies those animals that chew the cud and have cloven hooves, are considered unclean and are not to be eaten. In verse 7 of Leviticus 11, it says that the swine though it divides the hoof, having cloven hooves, yet does not chew the cud, is considered unclean. God specifically says that we are not to eat pork because it is an unclean animal. According to each one’s conscience, we are to follow our conviction without wavering. If you think you want to violate the scripture and still eat pork, then it is up to your own consciousness.

There are many reasons why we should not eat pork. First, it’s a dirty animal that eats rubbish and dirty food and sludge itself in the mud all the time. The flesh of the pig is full of fats and unhealthy for our consumption because of saturated fats. Secondly, what the pigs eat will affect our health, as they ate dead animals and food which is unclean. If you eat the pig, you are eating the deadly food that may cause you ill health.

I’ve observed how my mother cooks the pork. First she would drain it with hot water, and the water will be oily and smell bad. My mum said that the meat is dirty, therefore it needs to be boiled over before finally cooking it. The cloudy water after she washes it over the hot water looks really dirty. Do you want to eat something that is dirty?

I’ve this experience when I ate my dinner one day, where I feel that I wanted to vomit while eating the pork meat. There is a sense that the meat is dirty and that I should not eat it. God has warned me not to eat pork because it is considered an unclean animal, therefore I’m not eating pork anymore, even though I like char siew rice. I just have to sacrifice my so call favoured meal because it is not right to eat pork.

I know you may eat pork all your life and have grown to like it, and so do I. However, taking the side of a healthy diet, I’ll rather not eat it anymore as I choose to eat foods that are healthy like beef and lamb. Beef has good protein, is soft and tender, and is healthy to consume. I enjoy the beef ball noodles, as the soup is really beefy as it is thick and taste really nice. Beef steak is also one of the many good foods that you can indulge in, as personally myself, I love fillet and sirloin steaks; having it rare, and it is really tender.

The next time you go out to the restaurant to eat, stop ordering pork chop and go for sirloin steak or lamb chop. You will pat yourself on your back if you were to do so because it really is the right choice to eat a descent meal with the right diet. I miss steaks and lamb chops. It’s been a while that I eat them, but I certainly wouldn’t go for bak tuk teh at all, even though many people love it.

Sacrifice yourself from eating pork, and you’ll find that you’re obeying God’s Word, as well as keeping healthy with better choice to eat from. When was the last time that you eat pork? Do not do it again the next time you have the opportunity to sacrifice your loved bowl of bak tuk teh.


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