Walking – The Ideal Exercise

By Deline Tan

Walking – your ideal way to weight loss if you know how to pace yourself through the week, with five hours per week, and walk about an hour per trip. Yes, you can lose weight if you are serious to commit yourself to this routine.

Walking has been found to benefit the body, preventing tension and stress, and even depression, if you know how to ward off this negative mood. Walking also get rids of bad cholesterol and lowers it, and also increases good cholesterol. When done regularly, it will also prevent heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke, and even colon cancer. Walking also help postmenopausal woman build up its bone density.

Walking is one form of exercise that don’t requires expensive gadgets, but just a good pair of shorts and a tee-shirt and a pair of good walking shoe, and one that will not cause bristle. You can adopt  the habit of walking to the early morning hour than taking a bus, and walk round the shopping mall when you go window shopping, and do it for about an hour, and that takes the form of exercise for you.

You can plan your walking route through the week, and aim to lose weight by walking further and faster as you progresses in your exercises. Researchers have found that walking is one of the best means to keep to optimum health, and the longer you walk, you can actually extend your life span. Walking is one way that also helps to get rid of the abdominal fats, and builds calf muscles.

In our modern society, where everything we do has become machine oriented, like the mow lawn is used by motor, cutting off the labour effort of cutting the grass with a cutter, washing the disher pots with a washer saucer machine, brushing the teeth too, has a motor running tooth-brush. Watching the television with a remote control button, lessening the effort to walk to the TV, and many other lazy man’s way of doing things.

Rather, we need to walk the extra mile to keep off the lazy bones, and the more we walk the better it is for us. You can also count the calories that you want to lose, by using up to 3,500 calories, which lose to a pound. If you walk a mile for about 15 minutes, and increase it through the week, you will reach optimum heath, as the distances are long and at a face pace. For those of us who are not competitive, you may want to settle for shorter distance and a slower speed.

Walking does many things to your body, as the heart pumps faster, strengthening the heart, and the leg muscles are developed, as well as losing body fats build around the waist and hip. If you have no time for exercise, walk about thirty minutes a day, from walking from your house to the market daily, or find ways and means to walk within the vicinity of the house.

There are many opportunities to walk through the day, if you were to find ways and means to do so. Walking can be an everyday affair, as there are hundred and one things that you do that require walking; like running errands, walk to the food centre instead of taking a bus or drive, and making habits to walk to your destinations instead of taking short cuts.

If you’re determined to loss weight and be energetic and bubbly, walk everyday and you will do so with ease without fussing, and soon you’ll find that you are doing those extra exercises without you realising it. Stride your steps each day, and soon it will be an effortless walk daily.


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