Sugar – Body Fats Exposed

Deline Tan

Sugar is the sweet stuff that we consume everyday in almost all of our foods. However, too much sugar will affect our health, as sugar is converted to fats and stored especially in the thigh, hip and tummy area.

Sugar spikes up the insulin level in the body when you consumed it. It is the number one cause for diabetes and obesity. It acts as an addiction to those who have sweet-tooth, as one will not go without sugar in their food, as it is a habit to consume sugar. The craving for sugar started when you eat foods that are sugary and you satisfy your cravings for it each time when you eat something sweet.

Many do not realise the seriousness of addiction to this sweet stuff, as sugar in the body converts it to body fats. It is dangerous to have more than 20% of body fats in our body, as more than that can lead to sicknesses like cancer, heart attack and diabetes. Obesity is unavoidable when we consume foods with so much sugar like sweet cakes, candies, donuts, biscuits and other sweet foods.

It’s best to avoid taking sugar in our diet, as we can go without it in our coffee or tea, and bake your cake using stevia, which is an artificial sweetening that is several times sweeter than sugar, but is very low in calorie, not acidic, and does not cause a spike in blood sugar level. This artificial sweetening is healthy to health compared to sugar, which causes health hazard.

If this is not an understatement, every one of us loves bread. White bread contains nothing nutritional but with a lot of sugar. The reason why people love bread is because they are addicted to it. You can’t go without bread every morning as bread is known to be our staple diet, but we do not know that wheat can cause belly-fat, with the additional high level of sugar.

I’ve have had it experimented before,  as once upon a time, I do not take lunch with healthy food, but eat bread breakfast and lunch almost everyday, that I began to build up a big fat-belly. As I realise that bread is the culprit for my belly-fat, I cut off bread completely and eat healthy foods, my body weight became normal again, with smaller stomach.

You will find that you will have a much more healthy body if you watch the amount of sugar that you consume. Soft drinks like coke contains eight tablespoon of sugar, as almost all other soft drinks, and it will affect your cells, as fat cells began to build up and we become fat. It also desensitises the cells as sugary drinks triggers a quick release of insulin from the pancreas.

If you stop the craving for sugar, temporarily you may experience withdrawal symptoms like headache, depression, anxiety, anger, sleeplessness and muscular acnes and pains. How then can we break the habit of consuming sugar?

First, replace sugar craving with fruits. Fruits are high in fibre and are very good for our health. Secondly, avoid white bread and starchy food, baked goods, potato chips, and sugary stuff. Thirdly, avoid foods that contains a lot of sugar; for example when you are baking, replace sugar with stevia; drink less sweeten drinks like having plain tea and coffee without sugar; instead, add lemon to your tea which tastes great and full of antioxidant.

There are many ways to avoid taking sugar. It’s up to you to be sensitive to the amount of sugar that you consume daily. If you watch your sugary foods that you eat and the sweetened drinks that you drink everyday, you will definitely lose weight, as less fats are stored in your body and you will find that your waist line is more trimmed. You are fitter if you eat less of sugar and you will find that you have more energy for the day.

Stay away from sugar, and you will have the optimum of health. You will stay slim as you are not adding to your weight because of the fats that you eliminate when you do not consume sugar. Aim to stay healthy by eliminating sugar completely, and you will find the new you, vibrate, fresher and fitter everyday.


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