Antioxidant – Killer of Free Radicals

By Deline Tan

What we eat is very important to our body. A healthy diet daily would mean no sickness. However, in our fast pace society, we have adopted the stance to want everything quick, that we opt for fast-cooked noodle, fast foods like burgers and take aways. We didn’t realise that this kind of eating not only deprive us of the healthy nutritional value from the multinutrients diet of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, but it will also cause us our health.

It is bad enough if you constantly binge cookies, pastry, donuts, french fries, and other fried oily foods like chicken wings, curry puff and others, that you fail to give heed to the fats that would soon build around your belly waist, and in the near future, sicknesses like cancer, heart attacks, high blood pressure and other illness would soon catch up with you.

One of the most important diets that we must have daily is antioxidant. This important diet is found in fruits and vegetables, and helps fight the free radicals in our body. We contacted free radicals while exercising or from air pollution, smoke, sun exposure, exposure to chemicals, and even from eating junk foods.

If the intakes of our foods lack antioxidant, our body cannot fight the free radicals that we contacted from our surroundings, than our good cells will be under attack. The cells in our body is very important as it determines the state of our health. To keep at bay from contacting diseases, have lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Fruits high in antioxidant are berry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, cranberry, and cherry. These fruits are very nutritional and high in fibre, and certainly guide your body to protect good cells. A good way to eat these fruits is to add them to your smootie, or yogurt.  Try it and you can’t help but want more of these fruits as they are not only healthy, but also very delicious and nutritional.

Vegetables with its many varied colours like yellow, orange, red and etc, are also high in antioxidant. They are corn, cantaloupe, butternut, squash, and tomato. A regular intake of these vegetables will help strengthen your body.

Green tea, white tea, black tea, oolong tea, chamomile tea, red tea and rooibos tea are excellent teas that are high in antioxidant. These teas remove toxic waste in the body, and cleanse your body system. It is great after a good meal to drink these teas, as it helps in the digestion and clears the digestive system.

The different varied nuts and seeds are rich in antioxidant, and provide good monounsaturated fats. Other good sources of antioxidant are red and black beans, purple potatoes, grapes, red-wine, coffee, dark chocolate and cocoa. These are all very nutritional and very good for your health.

Spices too, like cinnamon, turmeric, oregano, basil, black pepper, as well as herbs, are good sources of antioxidant. If you love curry, you can add turmeric to taste, and it is one of the healthiest foods.

Other benefit of antioxidant helps clear wrinkles and protects your skin from the damaging sun. Watch your diet and be sure to have many servings of fruits and vegetables daily, as well as nuts and seeds, and you will have the strong potent of antioxidant that will keep you from poor health. Stay healthy by the regular consumption of these good foods that will surely keep you from catching any disease.


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