Colon Health – It’s Your Life

By Deline Tan

What is the most important organ in your body? Is it liver? Yes, it aids and controls the enzymes in what you eat. Besides liver, which is the next most important organ?  Colon? Yes, colon helps regulate and eases off the toxic waste in the body. It eliminates unwanted food and clears the body system, and if the digestive system is clogged with constipation, than it is difficult to eliminate the bowels.

Constipation is one of the worst problems in the body, as if the colon is clogged, the whole body will take its toil. As the whole digestive system is affected with frequent irritable bowel syndrome, the body will feel weak and tired, rashes starts appearing, the sleep is also affected, and the stomach will be bloated with acid influx gas and you lose all your energy.

Tiredness, fatigue, lost of energy, and an irritable self, they are all related to poor bowel system. This is so because if the colon is blocked, the whole body will be affected. It is important to cleanse your colon regularly with fasting and cleansing. A three day fruit fast without food is one of the ways to cleanse your colon. Fruits have high fibre and  antioxidant, and it clears the body of its toxic waste.

If the colon is not well taken care of, and with the constant irritable bowel syndrome, it will lead to colon cancer. It is better to take care of your health rather than to fall sick. The food we eat is very important, as it must lead to good digestion and easy toileting. Fruits and vegetables are the best fibre, and also nuts and seeds too, which also provide fibre. Nuts and seeds are proteins and it is an essential building block to strengthen and build our muscles.

Laxative is not good for the colon if you suffer from constipation, as frequent usage will lead to dependency on it, which leads to ineffectiveness in addressing the problem. We must go to toilet daily, as what we eat must come out. Detoxification of the colon must be done regularly to maintain good health.

I’ve tried three day fruit fast, as after the fast, I look radiant, energetic and full of life. It is one of the best ways to detox, as fruits are the natural means to cleanse the body. Coffee enigma is another way to detox the colon, which essentially cleanse the liver as well, before trashing out the wastes in the colon.

There are many ways to detox your colon, as the market is full of products that will aid your cleansing. In order to stay healthy, we must cleanse our body regularly, and fasting is one of the best ways. Try one day in a week to fast from total food, and you will look radiant and bubbly.

Colon health is so important to keep us agile and energetic. If you eat right, you will not have a blotted stomach and a big waist line. If the colon is ingested with unwanted wastes, it will also affect your tummy. Nobody wants a big tummy, and if you keep your colon clean, you will trim your waist line.

Keep a clean healthy colon and you will lead a happy and healthy life style. Live to the fullest and say good bye to low energy, fatigue and sluggishness. Keep a radiant smile and enjoy a good healthy body with good healthy colon.


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