3 Foods that Fight Belly Fats

By Deline Tan

Have you ever thought of losing your belly-fat? The ugly pouch is unsightly and certainly don’t look good on your dressing. Most of us fight our belly-fats by eating less, but you need to know that some of the foods that you eat daily do have the capacity to burn off your belly-fats if you consume them regularly.

What are the foods that cut down your waist line and make you look good in your outfit? There are many varieties of food that can burn belly-fat. I’ll just name three essential foods that help you burn off your waist line. They are dark chocolates, avocadoes and eggs.

Chocolate is known to promote good hormones in our body, but most milk chocolates are high in sugar that can cause weight gain. However for dark chocolates, if it is made with 70% or more coco, it is ideal to fight body fats and cause you to slim down. This bitter taste coco dark chocolate is one of the best foods to cut down on your belly-fats. It’s tasty with its bitter sweet taste, and is ideal for a good snack.

If you’re thinking of good monounsaturated fats, avocado will definitely give a boost to your health, as it is one of the healthiest fats that help to burn off belly-fats. It is not enough just to eat a good carbo and protein diets without good proper fats that is part of the phyto-nutrients . What we usually consumed for fats are saturated fats like oily carrot cakes, oily oyster, and fried foods. What we need most should be monounsaturated fats like avocado that helps to burn fats fast. It also reduces the bad LDL of bad cholesterol and helps increase the good HDL cholesterol.

Many people do not know or appreciate eggs, as it is one of the good high proteins that give   you all the good nutrients. People link the egg yolk as bad for high cholesterol, but they didn’t know that it actually increases the good HDL cholesterol. An egg alone is full of good nutrients and all the protein is found in the egg yolk. The best eggs are those taken from farm-raised chicken, where they roam around in the back yard, compared to those cage-raised chickens that feed on corns and feeds that are not naturally for chicken to feed on.

The egg yolk of the farm-raised chicken is rich in golden colour, compared to the cage-raised ones, where the egg yolk is light in yellowish colour and it’s lesser in omega 3 DHA. Two eggs for breakfast makes a healthy diet, and there are variety ways of cooking eggs. The ideal way is half-boiled or hard boiled, compared to fried, as it is less fatty.

If you follow these three good healthy foods with good fats, you will find that you will gradually lose your body fats. An ideal body fats for our body is 20%, and if you have more than 20%, then you need to watch your diet or eat foods that burn fats.

Consume these three foods and you will appreciate your eating habits and keep a slim body without the ugly pouch in your tummy. If you consume these three foods regularly, you will truly keep a slim waist line. Let these foods give you a boost when you eat and enjoy the richness of these fantastic foods. Burn fats fast while you consume these irresistible foods.


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