How to Heal your Memories?

By Deline Tan

Memories are thoughts that are in-bedded in the mind, with events that cause us to remember for life. There are good memories and bad ones. It is bad memories that affect our future, the things that happen to us that haunt us. It affects us emotionally and robs us of our identity. Our personality is affected and we may be withdrawn, down-cast, fearful, weak and vulnerable to people’s attack, and it may also cause us to lose hope for the future. It is therefore important that we receive healing for our emotions if we have memories that made us less efficient.

What is the cause of bad memories? There are events in our lives that hurt and pain us, when we are being mobbed at or looked down upon. We may be persecuted or friends deserted us, or are being betrayed by loved ones. Such circumstances can destroy us and cause deep rooted wounds that marred us from living life to the fullest. Whatever that happens to us, how can we have a clear memory without a trace of pain or hurt that affect us?

First, forgive and let go. Lift your hurts up and allow healing to take place by choosing to forgive. Forgiveness frees us from wounded memories and helps us to be liberated from our inner depression. It allows us to be who we are by releasing all the hurts and wounds. By extending forgiveness, we are eventually healed by not allowing others to stand in the way of our feelings and thoughts. We can be free emotionally if we do not allow others to determine how we should feel. We can be ourselves and not allow any tension to build up in us. In another word, we can be free.

Secondly, get support from family members who are able to help us adjust to our feelings of hurt and pain. Communicate with them constantly and it is through sharing that our feelings are being released. As we talk it out, it get rids of agitation and resistance against others, and we may also be able to understand ourselves better. Sharing releases the tension in us and will help us to think better.

Thirdly, take a break and go for a holiday or take time to get to a cosy restaurant and eat what you like best. Eating can be a past-time and can be a de-stressor too. Enjoy the ambience of the restaurant, listen to the music in the background, and talk and laugh out with your family or friends. Laughing can be very liberating as the toxic in the body are being released when we laugh. It releases pressure and eases our mind. Learn to laugh at yourself and try not to take your own self too seriously.

Fourthly, go for a movie or watch television to relax. A comedy would be ideal to ease off stress or an action-pack movie can take us away from ourselves and be engrossed in something that relaxes our mind. It engages our mind to pleasure when we learn to relax.

Lastly, go for light-weight exercises like brisk walking, cycling, swimming or a racquet game like tennis or squash. Exercises release a chemical in our body that wards off cholesterol and releases the toxins in our body. It also burns fats in our body and makes us feel good and light after moderate exercises. Swimming is very good as it exercises all parts of our body.

Take actions to do the above and you may not suffer from insomnia or other crippling diseases. A healthy mind is a healthy body, and with it we can be confident, positive, interactive, out-going and secure. We need not fear our future, for we have a bright dream ahead of us, and we can maximise our efforts to be positive, to be the person that we really want to be.


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