Tea – Drinking to Health

By Deline Tan

Tea – the refreshing drink, and the health enhancer, is an antioxidant beverage that brings many health benefits. It is one of the ancient drinks that dated way back into the 5,000 year history.  The founder was Shen Nung, an Emperor from China. The story goes that one day while his servant was boiling hot water near the scrubs and thorny bushes, some leaves fell into the boiling water, and the water turned brown. Shen tasted the unusual brewing of the tea leaves and liked the taste as it is refreshing and well-liked.

Since then he had used this incident to introduce tea leaves as a form of beverage, and  many years down the road, many millions have taken a liking to it for its sweet-bitter taste. Research soon found that tea contains polyphenols, which is an antioxidant that fights and prevents many diseases.

The way to drink tea has gone through its many forms of experiments throughout the centuries. Tea-bags was introduced in 1908, which was invented by an American, Thomas Sullivan, a tea merchant. There are many kinds of tea, like Green-tea, Oolong-tea, White-tea, Black-tea and many more others; each has its own benefits.

The health benefits of tea are many. Due to its antioxidant ingredients, it helps lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and protect against heart disease. Green tea is known to help stem out oesophagus cancer. Green tea and Black tea slow down the spread of prostate cancer, and Green and White tea fight against colon cancer. Green tea may lower stomach cancer risk and boost the body’s defences. Green tea also helps kill leukemia cells. Many kinds of tea also contain fluoride which benefits the teeth, and has bacteria killing properties which help control bad breath and the formation of plague.

Tea may play the role as an Aids fighter. To get the most health benefits out of tea, choose high quality leaf that will elude the best taste out of it. Some people like strong tea and will brew two tea-bags all at one time. Milk is first added to the tea by Marie de Rabutin in 1680. Today people like sweet tea and the English in particular is fond of adding sugar and milk to the tea.

Soon tea has become the household choice for a superb tea-sip. Tea-party consists of tea consumption which adds as an appetiser to all the good foods that are wildly spread over the tea-table. In England tea is the national drink and they cannot go without it. People prefer tea over any other form of beverages, for its good property. In any major or minor meals, tea is highly consumed.

There are many ways to drink tea. You may just brew it, or you can have iced tea with a slice of lemon. Then there is Chai tea, which you drink it in a tiny Chinese cup and sip it. Depending on the taste of individuals, these different varied ways of drinking tea are highly practice today. Tea tasting today is something that people enjoy at tea-shops, and they can chat wildly while they taste their favourite tea and compare with each other which they like best.

Drink tea moderately each day, but the downside is that it causes insomnia because of the caffeine. Nevertheless, try not to drink it at night but rather during the morning after breakfast. The Chinese in China drink tea everyday and they are found to be without any sickness and enjoy long life.

Tea also helps in proper digestion after a good meal. It washes away toxic waste present in the digestive system. It is good to drink tea after an oily meal, as it aids in getting rid of the oily stuff from the meal. If you suffer indigestion, tea will help neutralise the free-radicals and act as antioxidant. The benefits of drinking tea are indeed great, and you get to enjoy better health as you consume it regularly. When you think of health, think of tea.


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