Lossing Weight – The Ideal Way

By Deline Tan

 Are you admiring someone for that petite figure that you long to possess? Are you overweight and having problem losing weight? Then you probably want to do one thing and that is to slim down.

You may have tried many methods and you probably have given up losing weight. Perhaps you tried eating less and cut down the calories, but much to your frustrations, it didn’t seem to work that you will ever slim down.

What else do you do than perhaps considering slimming centre, or worse off you starve yourself only to find yourself gorging in more food. In your desperate situation, you have perhaps given up totally.

While there is no other option for you than to eat less, you probably miss your favourite favoured ice-cream and cut down those chocolates. You even stop your snacks and bingeing time. You have one burning question – HOW CAN I LOSE WEIGHT?

Losing weight is no magical task. Some people take years to keep the size that they want, and what do you think is the success rate of these people who are on a diet plan? Sadly while they lost quite a bit of their weight, in years to come they unconsciously begin to put on those weights that they have lost.

What then is the secret to losing weight? Perhaps will power and self-control would probably work best if you are truly thinking of losing weight. It takes determination to lose those kilos and if you are self-disciplined coupled with strong will-power, you probably will make it in the next few years.

Take for example Philip Samuel, an Adviser of Larsen Oil & Gas, aged 42 and a hefty build of 115 kg. He has lost and maintained his weight through the years and currently aims to lose 8 kg in about three months.

He adds, “The saying goes that you eat like a king during breakfast, a queen during lunch, and a beggar during dinner. Well, I have learnt to cut down on my meal as I took two slices of bread with peanut-butter and cheese with a cup of coffee during breakfast.  During lunch I would have sandwiches, and dinner just soup.”

Indeed Philip sees the importance of cutting down what he eats as he deems it as the sure way to lose weight. He would work out at the gym in the afternoon during lunch hour for an hour three times a week and swim at least three times a month. He plays badminton and basketball to keep fit and lose those extra kilograms.

He continues, “Besides weekly exercises, I would also cycle either at the East Coast Park or Sembawang Park, Lebrador Park and Woodlands Park every weekend with my wife and daughter. It is one of the ways to keep fit.”

I spoke to Rajwin Singh, a young 24 year old undergraduate at SIM University. He used to be 98 kg and manage to loose to 82 kg in about four months time. How did he manage to do that?

He says, “In the morning I would run 5 km three times a week. I would also do 20 push-ups and 20 sit-ups and pull-ups every morning. I cut down on half the food that I used to eat and will allow myself to indulge during breakfast. For lunch I would take three quarters of the rice with vegetables and fish as my main meal. I would only eat two cereal wheatbix biscuits during dinner and will eat wholemeal bread instead of white bread.”

“I would also take two servings of vegetables and two servings of fruits daily to get my dietary fibre. My target now is to lose 12 kg to 70 kg. I want to keep fit with a healthy lifestyle, and I want to look good so that people will be attracted to me.”

Following his footstep is his mother, Viro Kaur, 54 years old and a mother of three children and three grandchildren. She weighs 70 kg and aims to lose to at least 65 kg.

She adds, “I’m conscious about what I eat and would choose brown rice instead of white rice, and will cook good oil like canola. It is important what you choose for your meals and what you eat.”

Indeed Viro is watchful over what she eats as she has two eggs and a slice of bread for breakfast, or she would opt for cereal, wheatbix or cornflakes, and a cup of tea. Lunch and dinner will be the usual curry, vegetables, chicken or fish and sometimes chapatti, and she only have a few mouthful of rice.

She would go for long walks of about an hour three to four times a week. In the past she tried slimming tablets but that gave her problems in her stomach and she stopped the easy way of losing weight.

She says, “Keeping fit and healthy are very important, coupled with what you eat and how you exercise regularly. It’s best to watch your diet as that is a certain way to lose weight.”

Are you too thinking of losing weight and you do not know how? Keep in mind that as you eat less and exercise regularly, you will lose weight and feel better about yourself. The people that I have interviewed proved that it is possible to lose weight through sheer determination in exercising and cutting down on their diet. You too can find the means to do likewise if you are serious about losing weight and make the commitment to do so.

Think exercise and eat less or cut down what you usually eat. You will surely see yourself losing that extra kilos and you can set your own target to lose the weight you want and see yourself the new you.


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