Procrastination – The Back Load

By Deline Tan

What do you like most in life? What do you do with your free time? Reading a book? Watching television? Surf the net? Shopping? Or going to a movie? Whatever you do, have you the sense of urgency that you need to accomplish something real bad, but you never get to do it? Have you ever thought that you may not have such leisure from the above if all your works are piled up because of procrastination.

Procrastination  is something that we all have one way or another fought with. What seems like an urgent task, however, seems to be neglected even if we realise the urgency of it all. How then do we tackle this monstrous habit that causes us to see our deadline being interrupted and sometimes the project that we deem important being delayed.

First, let us look at what procrastination is.  It is putting off the time to do a task that is necessary but somehow is being delayed. I heard a comment once that there is no such thing as procrastination because nothing is done and nothing exists. Well, in a sense that is true, because nothing is done and nothing of a work existed. However, we all agree that in one way or another, we may be caught up with this milieu and we want to know how to get out of it.

Secondly, let us examine why procrastination occurs? It is something that the human nature, can in a sense neglect to do what is needed or expected, or it is something that the person keep putting behind what needs to be done. The question is, why is there such an attitude?

Lack of urgency may be one area that the procrastinator falls into. Perhaps it may be something that he drags doing and tries to put it off. Maybe it is something that reminds him of an unhappy occasion to get the work done. There are many reasons why the procrastinator is unable to solve this so call bad habit and may even desire that this habit be eliminated completely.

The good news is, yes, this habitual milieu can be done away with if you take the first step to acknowledge such a habit; and secondly, making a conscientious effort to put away  such an attitude. In another word, you make an immediate effort to get the task done even before you try to put it off or give excuses.

However, no matter what the tasks are, it takes consistency to perform  without the habit of putting things off. One way to tackle it is to be conscious of your bad habit, and with this realisation, made an effort to eradicate the habit. It takes practise and as you put a conscious effort to tackle the habit, soon you are able to make good strides at what you are unable to do before.

What are the chances for a procrastinator to quit the habit? Some people just don’t care because they have all their life been putting things off, and they think its okay not to get the task done even though it is important. For example, you know that you have a project to do, and someone invited you out, you are tempted to go to the appointment even though the project may be delayed. Self discipline may be the area that you need to readjust to. Sometimes a relationship may be affected if the procrastinator fails to do certain things that he promised the other person with. If you constantly back off your words to your peers, you will find one day that you will be loosing a lot of friends.

Procrastinating a task is bad and should be eradicated. Nobody likes to be put off to a promise that is not kept. We must be careful that we don’t violet the principle of trust. Procrastination is bad and we should avoid it at all cost. It makes you sluggish and lazy, and you can never complete the tasks that you want to do. Set priority to work out your plans. Plan your work and make every effort to accomplish it. Always aim to do a task immediately and you have no room for procrastination.


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