Depression – It Can Hit Anyone

By Deline Tan

Depression is on the rise. More and more people are suffering from this mental illness and it is known to be the second fastest growing disease after heart attack.

In this stressful environment that we live in, people find it hard to cope in the day to day living, as there are many issues hanging down their necks, like financial problems, relationship problems, in-law problems, job relation problems, marriage problems and so forth. The stresses and daily tasks in our lives are insurmountable and there are just so much to cope. People are usually caught up with their problems, and they don’t know how to solve issues or handle difficult situations in life, and they landed up being depressed.

Usually one is aware that something is not quite right with him/her when the symptoms of depression arise. For example, he/she may feel certain kind of sadness and irritability or tension within himself/herself. He/she may find a decrease interest in their usual activities or hobbies. He/she may loose energy and begins to feel tired despite of lack of activities. He/she may loose appetite with significant weight lost.

Sleeping may also be a problem, as he/she suffers from insomnia. Restlessness will cause him/her feeling down and inability to make decisions or concentrate. There may be feeling of worthlessness and hopelessness or guilt, and thoughts of suicide too.

When one is retorted with such circumstances as described above, he/she may be heading towards depression. The cause may be due to chemical imbalance in the mind, as the brain cells known as neutrons are disrupted in the sending of messages from the brain to the body through the chemicals known as neurotransmitters. These brain chemicals are responsible for our emotional state. Depression happens when the chemical messages aren’t delivered correctly through the neurotransmitters, disrupting communication.

 Another factor to depression may be due to hereditary, as it runs in family. Anyone can be affected with depression as there is no known cause except that it can happen at a spurn of the moment. It is a form of sickness that can affect anyone.

When one is affected with depression, the solution is to see a doctor or psychiatrist. Through medication the sickness can be brought down and healing may take between six weeks to six months. Some respond to medication better while others may drag it for years. Dysthymia, a mood disorder, is a form of mild depression that can drag on for the next two years. The person may feel mildly depressed on most days and have symptoms resembling major depression but with less severity.

There are two types of depression, like depressive disorder and manic disorder, and both are marked altering of mood. A significant lowering of mood, apathy, loss of interest and suicidal thoughts are indicative of a depressive disorder. As for manic disorder, it is an elevation of mood with rapid speech and hyperactivity. The person looses touch with reality and experience delusion and hallucination.  

Treatment for these depressions is drug like anti-depressant pill. Another method is psycho-therapy, which is a talking treatment in allowing people to express their thoughts and feelings to someone who is committed to help. Often the therapist is able to throw new light onto the person’s problem and help him/her reassesses the situations that he/she faced.

Another method is electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) when patients do not respond well to drugs and the depression is severe. Like drugs, it may not be able to heal the person, but it can bring the severely depressed person back to a state where he/she can begin to deal with his/her problems. It is note-worthy to note that about 60% of patients who suffer from mild depression got well spontaneously in the course of time without medication.

Depression is a serious illness. Don’t depend on it to get well on its own. Seeing a doctor is the best solution as the drugs work for most people and the person can become normal again. Should depression hits you, remember, help is available in the medical field if only you were to respond to it.


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