Being a Woman

By Deline Tan

Have you ever wondered what being a woman means? Are you proud that you are a woman and has great potential in your divest gifts and talents. Do you know that woman has an inbuilt strength to give birth, care for the house, and still look after her husband? She has such an innate strength that she is a tower of strength to carry out many tasks that she’s capable of doing.

Look at your mother for instant. She cooks for the family, washes the house, looks after the children, manages the household and attends to your father for whatever needs that require attention. God has created woman to be a help-mate to her husband, to assist him and most of all to be his companion. For when God first created Adam, He said that it is not good for man to be alone; He therefore created Eve to be his life-long partner and to start a family.

Just look at yourself – what are you capable of doing? Are you a multi-tasker that men always admire you. Are you sensitive and always attend to details? Do you make sure that your house is always clean and neat and your home is your pride? Are you raising up kids that are respectable and obedient to you? Do you manage the household and take care of the house as a minister of finance? Are you the ones that teach your children principles of life that your husband has no time to help nurture the children?

Your role as a mother and wife are very important. You are the manager of the house while your husband is the director. You make sure that the affairs of the family are well-taken care of and your husband can enjoy the benefits of a healthy family.

Do your children look up to you for guidance and support in their struggles in school or work-life, and are you able to direct and guide them in the way that they should go? Are you close to your children and your husband respects you? Do you see the importance of your role in your family?

Are you a career woman or a home-maker? Are you ambitious and full of zealousness in life? Are you a thinker and has a heart of compassion? Do you have a passion for people and are you well-liked by others? Can you be the voice that speaks out loud and clear and others follow your instructions? Are you a leader in your own rights?

Such amazing questions are not without answers. The answers lie within you. You are able to monitor your moods and the moods of your husband and children. You have that inborn sensitivity that is able to warn your husband about impending danger when situations and circumstances caught your attention. You are wise and you are a virtuous woman. You owe it all to the fact that you are a woman. You are creatively created by God and before you were formed, God took one of the ribs of your husband and formed you. You are created in God’s image.

Do you see the importance of your role as a woman? You are powerful, you are loved and you are important. You are the very person that God has intended you to be, a wife and mother. You are a pillar of strength and in the eyes of your husband you are deeply loved.

Be proud that you are a woman, wife, mother and a daughter. You play your roles well and you are so special because God created you to be so. Are you loving yourself and are you a godly wife, mother and daughter? You are who you are because God made and created you. You are one of a woman.


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