The Satisfaction of Work

By Deline Tan

How do you view work? Do you enjoy your vocation and job, or do you drag yourself to the office everyday? How you feel and view your work is very important. You face your day daily with the work that is before you, and you either look forward to it or you feel the dread of your day, sulking and feeling remorse.

All of us have our dream job. But however, sometimes we fall into the category where we work just to survive. Money may be the reason why we work. Imagine how dreary it will be when you work just to keep you going for the years to come, and yet there is no real joy and satisfaction in your work. What do you do to get out of this syndrome?

How you view work would be how you view life. Your life is your work. You spend three quarters of your life working and work is part of you. How then would you enjoy your life’s work so that your work has meaning and it bring significance to your life?

You can enjoy your moments of work if you take the time to muse over what you are doing. In another word, you deliberately savour every moment of your time in your work with pleasure. You do not take your responsibility as a chore, but rather a delight because you know how to enjoy every moment of your time in what you are doing. You treasure the work load without feeling stress-out, and you know how to priortise what you are doing. The importance of your task comes first and not the urgent. You know how to set pace for yourself and you determine the amount of time that you want to take to accomplish that task. You know how to enjoy every moment of your time at what you are doing and there is no pressure.

Your attitude makes up your work. How you feel would be how you would have work. If you are positive and strive to do the best out of an excellent spirit, you know you have done your best and the end result is satisfaction. You place priority in what you see as benefits in what you do, and you excel in it as you use your God-given talents to work out the best in your tasks and endeavours. You are the most satisfied person if you enjoy your work as that makes you successful and rich in all your ways.

You can only enjoy your work if you have a plan and goal to look forward to. A goal is a guide to your final destination. You plan what you want to do and work out your plan. You are a strategist and you know how to work out your own plans. Success only comes through diligent hard work where you have a set goal to look forward to. A plan serves as a guideline for you to chart your course in whatever that you plan to succeed. As you plan your work, you can be sure that you will work your plans. The thing that you need now is perseverance and diligent hard work. You can never fail if you plan to work your best and enjoy the tasks that you are doing.

All of us want to enjoy our work. Set in the motion to have a right attitude and have a road map for your goals, and you will see yourself reaching the end of the rope that you are holding, and success will just knock at your door, and you can be the most satisfied person on this earth.

As you succeed in your work life, you too will succeed in your family life; as a well-balanced and well-taught person that only sees success as the ultimate aim in all that you do.


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