Eat-Out or Home-Cooked Food

By Deline Tan

What do you like best for your meals? Home-cooked, or eat-out? What makes you stay at home for your meals, and what causes you to eat out? For hurried working adults, they have no choice but to eat out during office hours. However, so far the people that I’ve spoken to regarding this article unanimously said that they prefer home-cooked food.

Wendy Teo, a lawyer and 8 months pregnant, takes her lunch in the office by home-cooked-food cooked by her maid. The meals are brought to her daily to her office. Why did she has to have her home-food rather than having the pleasure of eating out? She adds, “I eat home-cooked meal because it is healthy, as I am pregnant, which requires good nutrition.”

Preferring nutritious food is primary the reason why most people choose home-cooked food over eating out. For Sun Chang Sing, a Financial Advisor, eating out is inevitable as his mum passed away when he was young, and eating home-cooked food would be a luxury if there is someone to cook for him.

He eats out everyday, but he prefers home-meal better, as he tries to cook himself whenever he can. I ask him why he prefers home-meal and he says, “cooking your own meal caters to your own taste, and it is healthier and cheaper too. I can experiment to cook but it takes a lot of time.”

Anie Tan, an Administrator, too prefers home-cooked food. She is fortunate to have a mother who cooks for her daily after she returns from work. The only time she with her mother and sister will eat-out is on every Sunday morning, where they will have a good breakfast together.

Whatever reasons one has for eating out or spending some extra time cooking, there is one thing in common – almost all view home-cooked food as the ideal and healthier choice. Wendy rather eats what the maid cooks, than eating food not suitable for her unborn baby. Chang Sing would rather eats his own-cooked-meal, even though he has no choice but to eat out.  Anie rather eats the food cooked by her mother than eating out, and so are the majorities who are working.

However, I have a friend Alice, who eats out with her entire family daily. She is a housewife and hates cooking. Her family would take lunch and dinner outside, as she doesn’t get tired taking outside food. She sees it as saving time for not cooking.

Singapore is known as the food paradise. The taste buds of most Singaporeans are exotic. We have expensive taste for good food, and that is the reason why there are so many food-courts around. The outlets for restaurants have also grown, as people don’t mind spending hundreds to dine at cozy restaurants. Some housewives prefer not to cook, as it is so convenient to eat out.

Food is the glutton’s belly. Do you discipline yourself when you eat? Do you overeat and regret later? Almost all that we do in our waking hours is to eat. We have food everywhere. However, the observation is that even though we are surrounded by food, but majority of the Singaporeans are not fat. Someone commented as to how we can stay so slim even though we eat all the time.

In America, about 30% are obese as they usually eat at fast-food joints like McDonald and Burger King. When Singaporeans travel overseas, they usually come back putting on a lot of weight. While away, they will always miss the Singapore local food such as char kway teow, carrot cake, chicken rice, noodles and the popular locals like laksa and pepper crab. It is known that Singaporeans are great food lovers, and no matter what the majority chooses to have on their own cooked-food, the restaurants are never without business.

However, there are so many restaurants and average ones that closed down too. The turnover for new businesses and those closing down are high. It is known that a stall alone at the popular food-court can fetch a good income of over a few thousand dollars per day. People try to get rich overnight, as some made it and many don’t.

If it’s your business to eat out, you probably know which are the popular stalls and people don’t mind queuing for their foods. I for one love eating out. I like Japanese sushi, Korean barbeque, Thai Tom-yam soup, seafood like prawns and lobsters; others include Western Restaurants like Italian and French food. Whatever your picks, you can never exhaust the lists of good eatable restaurants, if you love good food and know what it means to treasure all the good stuff there.

Whether you prefer home-food or eating-out, one thing is certain – we all love good food and eating is one of the many pastimes when we as Singaporeans will readily indulge in.

Eating-out or home-cooked food! You choose your pick and ultimately it is the pleasure of the taste-buds that will choose the right choice for you to have your meals – home-cooked, or eating out – my pick, I choose to eat out.


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