What Are Your Favourite Foods?

 By Deline Tan

 What are your favourite foods? Some people enjoy ice-cream; others go nuts over creamy chocolate; and still some others cannot go through the day without at least a cup of aromatic coffee; while others go crazy over the smelling durians.

I love liver – yes, liver, you heard it right. I enjoy the stretchy textures and the more I eat it, the crazier I’ll go for it. My mum used to cook liver for my late grandmother and I would steal a share of it. She would boil it in the hot water and barely a few minutes, the soup will just come out right and when you sip it, the taste bud tingles your tongue and it  tastes soooooo… good.

What do you like for fruits? For me, it’s orange. Yes, it’s my favourite. I can feel the juicy droplets passed through my fingers and I feel the zest of life after taking one. It’s good for constipation and it has a very high content of Vitamin C and gives you a clear good complexion. If taken often, you would hardly catch a cold.

Seafood is still one of my favourites. I used to eat out with an Australian girl-friend here, where we used to have Korean bar-be-que buffet, or tried the good authentic Japanese sui-shi, and even frequent the Thai restaurant. I love tom-yam soup, which is hot and spicy, and for sea-food buffet, I would go for the king-size prawns, as usual the liver, crabs, fish, and beef, which are my delights, but I would hardly attempt the leafy because I don’t really enjoy vegetables as much. I would go for the meaty stuff and force myself to eat the greens, as I know it’s good for me.

Occasionally, I would eat at Sea-food Restaurants and would go crazy over the lobster. The unforgettable lobster meal that I had some years ago was at a French Restaurant. The lobster was cooked with cheese and I would go crazy over the taste. It is still one of my favourite dishes that I’ve ever tried.

In my younger days, I used to be an Insurance Agent and also an Investment Executive. I would meet clients and the usual thing to do is to go to the restaurants and eat. I just love all the different kinds of restaurants and the different kinds of spicy food, the hotter the better. We would go and eat tolsay at a North Indian Restaurant but my favourite is still the French Restaurant. The foods are always fancifully prepared and it makes you really hungry while you eyed the food. It is always creamy, with lots of cheese, and you can really put on weight if you frequent the place often.

For local foods, I would go for the rojak. The crispy yue-tao, usually grill over in a hot stove, tastes fantastic. I would enjoy the yue-tao more than the turnip, cucumber and pineapple, but nevertheless the whole dish is really good. I’m not so much of the local-food-type, as I love western food more, like the beef-steak, as I am more of a meat eater.

So much about food…and the next time when you drop by a restaurant, do remember me if you’re trying beef-steak or liver, as I would love to have these meals with you.


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