A Buffet Spread

By Deline Tan

Did you recently celebrated a party with a wide buffet spread for your guests and there were just so much food left over? Did you eat to your heart’s content and even wanted more? Think of your last buffet that you had; what was your attitude and response in the way that you eat. Was your skirt too tight after a hefty meal or that was not a problem at all?

Food glorious food! We are into so much eating that we almost fail to watch our diet and the way we eat. The worst feeling comes when we gouge so much food that the fullness is intolerable. You must have felt that way each time when you over-eat. Over-eating is bad for the health and it does affect the stomach, as it may lead to gastric pain as over-fullness will stretch the pain if you have a gastric problem.

How then would you eat a buffet spread, enjoy it, and not experience the fullness and the bigness of the stomach? Taste your food. Yes, taste your food by eating slowly; enjoy the wide variety of food by nibbling in small size each different type of varieties of food. How do you avoid over-eating? Take your longest time to eat, chew your food well and be determined to enjoy the food rather then eating out of gluttony. Yes, enjoying your food will prevent over-eating, as you are not just eating to whatever kinds of food that you can find, but rather you are eating the food to enjoy it.

Enjoying your food is one way to prevent over-eating. After you are full, you want to stop eating as you have enjoyed the whole process of eating and you are now satisfied. Over-eating occurs when you eat what you like without enjoying the food. In another word, you are eating as much as you can and there is no control as to how you eat. You eat because the food is available and not because you enjoy it. Such eating will cause over-eating and you will find that you will have a big pot-belly.

To avoid big ugly stomach, always eat to enjoy your food and control yourself to eat the right amount and stop eating whenever you feel full. Enjoying your food should be the attitude rather than eat to be full. The next time when you are at a wide buffet spread, resist the temptation to eat everything that you see, but rather choose what you like and what you will enjoy eating. In this way you will really enjoy the wide varieties of food and at the same time not over-eat.

However to what is said, all of us are guilty of over-eating, as we do not know how to enjoy the food that we eat. To be able to enjoy food, love what you eat and not eat what you see. There is a difference between eating what you love and eating what you see. What you see is everything that you will eat, irregardless whether you are already full or not. Eat what you love will allow you to chew your food, enjoy it, and eat the amount that you can handle.

Try the method of eating what you enjoy and you will find that you are eating less and have a healthy way of eating. Do not eat everything that you see as that will end up in uncontrolled eating. It’s good to have a flat tummy rather than a big one, and it all boils down to how you have been eating your food. Healthy eating is good for us as it enhances a positive character and a right attitude as to how we handle ourselves.

Chew your food… enjoy your food… eat the right amount… and it will lead to a healthier and a more beautiful you.


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