Bread – The Staple Diet

By Deline Tan

Bread – the staple diet for many, is one of the most consumed products in any household. I love it, and so do many. You can eat it with many different fillings, and the healthy way to your breakfast is bread with peanut butter or cheese. Peanut is a good source of monounsaturated fats and its perfect to go with the bread.

Bread started way back in 2000 years ago when Jesus broke bread during the Passover, and also fed the 5000 and 4000 crowd with the barley loaves. In Europe and the Middle Eastern countries, it has been umpteen years that bread has been a staple diet, in which it is included in almost every meal. To some westerners, this is still practiced today.

Breads are made from rye, whole-wheat germ mix with white flour, with yeast added to give it the fluffy-look. Whole-meal breads are high in fibre compared to white bread, and aids digestions. There are other varieties of breads made from fruit-nuts, raisins, whole-nuts, and bran. It is exciting to see the wide range of the many different types of breads selling at bread stalls.

Under the pyramid chart of healthy food, bread is one of the recommended diets for good healthy living. Wheat is good for us and is one of the good carbohydrates group. Athletes consume high amount of breads as it gives them energy and strength.

In every home, bread is the one diet that families cannot go without. Almost everyone eats it and the soft textures smoothens the mouth and it is one of the diets that people will not get tired of. Sandwiches, invented by John Montagu a couple hundreds of years ago, remains as one of the most popular breads stuff with tuna, cheese or eggs.

Nowadays there are so many creative ways to bake breads. There are so many bread-stalls island wide, and people are flocking to the stalls because they can never have enough of it. The queues are long and people wouldn’t mind it as everyone wants to savour the many different varieties of breads that come in many different styles and fillings.

Self-baked breads can be an exciting and interesting hobby, where you dough the wheat bran flour and bake it in the hot oven, eagerly tasting it even while it is still hot. It is important to add yeasts so that the buns will not be flat. There are so many recipes books that you can easily pick one and start following the instructions and begin to bake all the many different types of home-made bread, as much as you want.

It is good to experiment it in the first few attempts, and once you are more confident, you can bake it for the whole family. As I said, we cannot go without bread, and as you pick up the skills to bake, you can fully enjoy your own crisp crumb breads that smell fresh right from the oven.

Alison, my friend, will testify that she is the great bread lover, and loves it very much. She views making sandwiches as one of the versatile ways to suit any occasion. With hams and bacons, added with salads that give it the perfect taste.

Alison adds, “I just love the soft texture and the fine taste of the crusted bread as I never get tired of it. In every culture in the world, they eat some form of breads as a staple food.”

Sharing the same view with Alison is Poh Khuan, my cousin, who too, loves bread quite a lot, especially the freshly-baked ones. She finds it convenient to eat it everyday, as a loaf can last for a few days. Or, she would keep it in the fridge, and then would heat it in the oven once she takes it out.

She adds with enthusiasm, “It tastes great when the bread is hot and so soft, just like the freshly-baked ones.” She continues, “There are different types of bread with varieties of vitamins and calcium, which is not only healthy and nutritious but fibrous too. It aids digestions and prevents constipation.”

Indeed bread is one staple that people just simply love it. It is healthy and nutritious and every morning people just find bread at the table, and it is enough to keep them going for the day. I never get tired of it, and with the varieties of baked bread, I just never run out of taste for it.


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