The Importance of Exercise

By Deline Tan

Exercise is a good way to keep fit. However, the problem is, we don’t exercise at all because of our busy schedules. We are so busy fighting for our career, or we may have a family to look after, that exercise seems to be the last thing that is on our mind. If we don’t exercise, we will keep alot of flab in our body.

One of the ways to keep fit is to consume good nutritional food with good balance diet of the three components – carbohydrates, fats and proteins, not forgetting minerals and vitamins too. Carbohydrates give us the energy as fuel for the body, and fats and proteins give us that extra boost in keeping our body healthy. With proper diet then we can have the energy and strength to exercise.

What are some of the sports that we can participate in?

  1) Walking 2) Jogging 3) Swimming 4) Cycling 5) Racquet games 6) Aerobics

Each sport has its own benefit and it’s up to us to enjoy it. Walking is a very good exercise as we allow the blood circulation in the leg to stimulate the heart to pump enough oxygen to the leg. A good walk can consist of about 30 minutes daily brisk walking. I find that one fun way for me to walk is to invite my friends to walk with me at the East Coast beach. In this way I’m not only exercising but I also build up relationship with my friends. You will be surprised that there is so much to talk about when you are with your friends. It is also one way to get to know your friends better.

Jogging is one good way where we strengthened our cardiovascular heart muscles and at the same time increase our stamina. If we sweat it out with an average time of about 20 minutes, that could be sufficient to build up the aerobic breathing. The key is, we need to do it regularly so that we can benefit from it.

Swimming activates our body muscles and it is very good for the joints if you suffer from arthritis. Cycling is another good exercise where you strengthened the thigh muscles and also increase cardiovascular breathing. It can be a fun thing if you have a group of friends that you can enjoy cycling with. You can admire the wild flowers along the road as the breeze gently flows you by.

If you love tennis, you can not only enjoy the strokes but it keeps you running hard which causes you to perspire and get rid of the toxin in the body. Racquet games like squash and badminton require running and that is very good for the heart and leg muscles.

Aerobic is one of the most active sports as it keeps you perspiring for the next hour or two and causes you to burn fats and lose weight too. A healthy body requires exercise and it’s best done three times a week with a duration of about 20 minutes long, as you find your heart pumping, the muscles tightened and you are perspiring.

Try climbing the steps if you are gain to accelerate aerobic breathing. Those who are in mundane job should strive to exercise regularly as it prevents your waistline from expanding through a sedentary life-style.

Sports can be a fun thing. If you swim or play tennis with your family and make it an enjoyable event for the weekend, it becomes double bonus, both exercising as well as building up good relationship with your own family members. If you’re too busy, aim to exercise at least once a week, like walking or jogging, and you’ll find yourself fitter and more energetic.

Exercise will also de-stress the body and the mind, and act as a healing agent for many ailments, like high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, and there are known cases where cancer patients keep strict uncooked vegetable diet with very little salt and sauce and regularly run marathons, they are healed of their cancer.

So exercise is a destressor and if you find time to exercise regularly, you’ll find that you’ll live longer and enjoy good divine health. In the long run, it keeps your body fit and even during your old age, you can continue to walk that mile or stretch your body daily with light exercises.

Keep fit and smile, with that extra mile that you push yourself, with good regular workout that you’ll be glad that you did.


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