Which Temperament Are You In?

By Deline Tan

 Have you ever wonder about your character and temperament, what is it like? Are you the soft-spoken kind, or are you the loud and clamouring kind? It’s interesting to watch people’s character, how they react to a situation with the four different temperaments.

There is the choleric, the loud and extroverted kind; phlegmatic, the unmotivated and reserved; and melancholic, self-inflicting, very analytical and perfectionist; and finally the Sanguine who seems to never run out of friends. To find out which temperament you are, read on.

The choleric is one who is very hot-tempered and strong person. He is ambitious and a visionary, disciplined, and very bold in character. He is easily irritated and will not take no for an answer. He has the drive to push forward with whatever proposals, and he makes sure that he gets what he wants. He is a born-leader and is very efficient in his work. He works very hard and it is next to living for him for he is a workaholic.

He can be cruel at times and has no tolerance for people who are weak and slow. He is quick and wants everything fast. He is also result-oriented and success is very important to him. He will work hard at the expanse of sacrificing his family time. The children hardly finds dad at home as he is always running about, with projects and charities, keeping him very busy. He is always striving and aimed for the moon and is very success-oriented.

You may want to keep off a choleric when he is angry, as he can blow his top and drive you out of the window. He is domineering, cold, and can be very sarcastic. You can never win an argument with him as he is quick and swift with his words. He is always fighting, making sure that he is always at the top. However, he can be very reliable at carrying out his purposes.

A phlegmatic is the direct opposite from the choleric. He is slow, friendly, very easy-going and reserved. He is the easiest character to get along because he is always helpful, cheerful, and never strives nor is ambitious. Life is easy and happy as he is unmotivated and leads a colourless life. A decent meal is all he needs and he faces no challenges in life.

Being introverted by nature, he is calm, quiet and can be a very good friend. His almost whatever will be will be attitude makes him a pessimist. There is no urgency in everything he does, and he avoids leadership role. He proves to be very reliable if push to the limit and always does his best in the most faithful way.

A quiet and reticent phlegmatic though unmotivated, appreciates the fine arts in life and loves every thing beautiful. He makes a good teacher as a slow and unexciting individual. You can count on him when you need help as he can be very helpful and caring. Life though unexciting, yet he can be a good volunteer, helping others and doing good deeds.

He is never in a hurry and when problems arise, he is always cool though timid. He can be boring, yet pleasant to be with. However, he can be so unmotivated and a procrastinator that he seems indecisive, fearful and a worrier. Selfishness and stinginess are also part of his character and he can be very self-protective too.

Now we come to the melancholic. Like the phlegmatic, he is reserved, quiet and introverted. He is a worrier and is very meticulous. He counts and weighs things carefully and hardly takes any risk in life. He is very intelligent, sensitive and calculative. He has such a high tolerance for affliction that he can be self-inflicting. Being a perfectionist by nature, he has very high IQs.

Apart from being on the high end, he can be isolated and lonely, with the tendency to feel depressed. However, he is a thinker and very precise. He has the norms for figures and is very good at mathematics. The world’s scientists, educators, theoreticians, philosophers, inventors, and other prominent positions in society are usually held by melancholics.

Beyond the mark of a quiet, timid and anti-social personality is an analytical, aesthetic, and self-sacrificing perfectionist. He is industrious, self-disciplined, and hardworking. He can be very sensitive and emotional by nature, and is naturally gloomy, pessimistic, with a ‘suffering’ temperament. Being an emotional sufferer, he has deep reflective thoughts, to the point of being introspective.

Apart from the passive outlook as a melancholic, he is faithful and makes a good friend. However, he can be revengeful and touchy, critical and negative, to a point where he can be judgmental. Although you may think that he is a pessimist, however, he is very dependable. His perfectionist and conscientious character does not allow him to let others down when he knows people are counting on him.

Although he dislikes socializing, however, he does have a knack to want to be loved and accepted by others although he finds difficulty in expressing himself. Perhaps his reticent behaviour sees him making less friends but he can be suspicious when others shower him with attention.

Let’s study the last temperament, which is the most open and easy person to talk to. Outspoken, bold and loud, the sanguine is very people oriented and friendly. For a talkative sanguine, communication is the most important aspect in his life. He can go all day rattling and not feel the least lethargic. He has such a high energy in life, that he is always bubbly, buoyant and lively.

It seems that sanguine does not have problems in life, as he is always quick to patch up any bad relationship. He is always the friendliest, and will always go all the way out to help and please others.

You can never be bored when you are with a sanguine. He will keep you entertain for as long as you have the energy to communicate and relate to him. He is outgoing, responsive, warm, friendly, and if you have any problem, he can be the best to go to although you may not find that he has the solution.

He is undisciplined, emotional, and unstable. He may not solve your problem but will cheer you up if you’re bogged down with problems. He can be most slogful and unproductive, as he lacks enthusiasm for his studies. He rather passes by a problem than cracking his head to solve it. He too, like the phlegmatic, is a procrastinator and always fails to plan or decide determinedly what he wants done. He does not plan and is always prepared to fail a project.

Ill-disciplined could be his problem and he usually does not have a goal in life. He may drift from one job to another without seriously thinking about his future. He looks for fun but does not want to be accountable to anyone. He never plans his day and accepts whatever that comes along.

He will drive you nuts if you go to his house, clothes lying on the floor, music at its highest volume, socks lying everywhere, and the place may be dirty, but he knows how to move things around and yet feel very comfortable with himself.

Yes, a sparkly sanguine may be what everybody loves, and above all, he may be the most generous to give a treat and is always optimistic and positive and warm. People love to be with sparkly sanguine who not only cheers you up, but also brings joy when you need it most? He can be your life-saver for your dreary moment, and he may be the best person to be with when all is dry, down and out. Undoubtedly sanguine can be the most adorable and lovable person in the whole world.

Our temperament never changes throughout our entire life unless the person makes a conscientious effort to change their negative life-style. Work on your strength and recognise your weaknesses and make plans to improve yourself.

Whichever temperament you belong, let it work for you for the better and not for the worse. Accept yourself and others will respect you.


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