How to De-stress

By Deline Tan

What causes stress and how do we cope with it? Everyday we are bombarded with the stresses of life because of the demands of the day. Stress can be good and bad for the health, as too much stress causes health hazard with sicknesses like schizophrenia, high blood pressure and heart attack. A little stress causes us to be more alert and vigilant when the demands are there.

It is known that before the trigger of mental illness in a patient, she/he couldn’t cope with the amount of stress. With the nature of schizophrenia, which is often triggered by excessive stress, a person is subjected to risk if care is not taken to eliminate the stress. Stress also causes bad relationship with family members, as a little annoyance is enough to create a big mountain out of a molehill.

We have often heard that a little stress is good for our well-being and we perform better under pressure. Well, capitalised on the strength in making use of stress to improve your work, but do not allow it to overtake you that soon it becomes a real stressful moment. Pace out your work with wisdom and understanding as to how much you can take and what you can’t. It is good to work in what you can and try to seek help in what you can’t.

When is the most stressful moment for mothers? Can it be during the children’s examination period? Most parents get more anxious than their children when it comes to academy pursuit, because the parents want their children to score high marks and do well. What then should be the attitude of the mother when her children’s exam draws near? Well, if the children have been consistent in studying throughout the school-term, then there could be no anxiety. Infact with such anxiousness, it only causes the children to be anxious and may cause them from doing well. The point is, relax and allow your children to excel the way they have always been.

For working people, stress normally comes in a form of over-worked and under-rest. When can you balance between work and rest then? Well, do not carry the office work back home, as that would even create more stressful time at home, which is meant to be rest time. Most people carry their work-load back home hoping to work at it, only to find that they are building up a tremendous amount of stress for themselves. The answer is, leave what you can’t do today for tomorrow and at least your boss will understand that you have tried hard for the day. 

The most stressful moment for couples is when they delivered a baby. The baby wakes up in the middle of the night and demands milk and attention. What do the parents do? They have no choice but to wake up too and feed the child. This carries on until the child is at least two years old, and it certainly is a toil for the parents if both are working. Looking after children can be the most stressful thing for a mother because it takes up her strength and energy. The demands are great. I always hear mothers complain that it is not easy to devote time for the children with the high demands of housework and other responsibilities.

How then can we cope with stress? Well, the best is to relax and not be too worked-up by the demands of the day. Have a lovely evening with your spouse, chatting, if that takes away the stress, or go out with friends for a lovely cup of coffee if you need to de-stress yourself. Find something to do other than the daily chore. Read a magazine or go shopping, that might break the routine, and always remember to try and do something different.

The answer is, be different and you will find yourself able to cope better. The best answer is to go for a beautiful holiday far away to the Caribbean or go to Europe or some places. Such holiday can do you a lot of good as it takes away the chore of the day and the toil of years accumulated throughout your working years. The thing is, learn to relax and have fun and you will find that you will be refreshed and having more energy to build up your career or look after your children.

Manage your stress well and you’ll be able to manage yourself better. Relax, and  pleased yourself with whatever that you intend to do. At the end of the day, stay calm and tackle your problems if you need to, yet in the most unhurried way, with lots of time to do the rest.


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