Monthly Archives: February 2012

Life Is Complex

By Deline Tan

Life is complex. With all the pressures and problems that we faced daily, what is one thing that you want to see happening that will eliminate the stress and pressure of life?

First, what is bogging you all week? Work? Maybe your children are having a hard time in their schoolwork, or perhaps you are running all week and you are simply dead tired? Secondly, may be you are facing a huge financial problem that is weighing you down. Or thirdly, life seems mundane and uninteresting. Everyday is a routine and you just want a change of your life-style. Whatever it is, what are you doing about your circumstances?

What is it that you want see accomplish in the shortest possible time? How do you fix your problems and where do you get help? You only have one choice. RELAX! Yes, that’s what you need to do. Relax. With a difficult week and all the problems, there seems to be no solution. Well, why don’t you just pack your bag and go for a short holiday. Perhaps you can go to a movie with your family during the weekend, or do something that you normally don’t get to do, like eating out with your children, or devour all the flavours of ice-cream that you want at Swensens. Or, if you are like me that enjoy car-rides, then get someone to drive you around to Changi Airport and visit the waving terminal or find a good high-class restaurant and eat there for a change. There are a thousand and one things that you could do if you will only unwind, relax and do whatever you want that you find yourself unable to do before.

After that, what’s next? I’m sure you want to solve your problems, as you earnestly need an answer. Well, men can’t really help you with your problems, only God can. Why don’t you try asking God to help you with your situations. There is only one God in this universe. He is The One who created this world that you are living in. He created you and me and the whole universe. He existed right from the beginning and all you have to do is call on this creator God and He will come to your rescue.

If all else fail, this is One God who will never fail you. All you have to do is ask, and God will help you. Try it; you’ll be surprised that He is just waiting for you to call upon Him.

Life seems complex. Solutions are hard to come by and you have a chance to call upon God. Why don’t you do that right now?