A Rousing Laughter

 By Deline Tan

Laughter…the medicine for the cure of depression and stress is one of the activities that will cause one to laugh away the sadness of life. Laughter brings joy and smoothes away frustrations and irritability. When you laugh, it prompts the release of pain reducing chemicals and causes you to laugh your pains away. When you are sad or angry, it causes pain. If you know how to laugh if off, it will help you decrease the toxin in your body. The toxic waste can be flashed off almost immediately if you laugh, as it restores your mood and helps you faced up with your circumstances better.

Laugh your heart out when situations turn against you. All of us face trials and difficulties in our lives. If you learn to laugh more and laugh at yourself, you’ll find that you’ll be able to handle your problems better. Laughter is like medicine. If you laugh regularly, it will cure your heartaches and pains. After all, a cheerful countenance beats a bad mood and with laughter, it cheers your heart.

Let’s take a scenario between two sisters who quarrel. One is always moody and irritable, and the other is always cheerful and does not take things at heart. When they quarrel, who do you think will come out the better? Whether who should use the computer first, or who is going to wash the dishes, or to fight over a favourite TV program, whatever the situations are, who would seemingly be the victor? The one who is always moody and unhappy will sulk the whole day when they fought, whereas the other who has a cheerful countenance will get over the situation in a matter of minutes.

That is the power of laughter. It can cause you to laugh off the pain in your body and turn your moods and circumstances around, without you feeling bad or in pain. The next time you are angry or fought with someone, turn that situation around by laughing it off. You’ll be surprised that your mood will change almost immediately, from anger to delight.

As you laugh, you are allowing your soul to experience the thrill of enlightenment, as the producing chemicals in your body will alter the sadness and turn your spirit into joy and happiness. Laughter also stimulates digestion. It helps stimulate your digestive juice to effectively digest the food and gives a smooth and easy bowel movement. It also lowers blood pressure.

Laughter can cause stresses and flights to turn it into joy and peace, thus causing the blood pressure in your body to align with your outer environment. The next time when you are about to shout or yell, quickly turn that into a roaring laughter, and soon you will take charge of your body like a quick medicine.

Try it and you’ll be surprised. Give yourself a rousing laughter now if your office papers are piled up at your desk and the stresses with your colleagues are running you mad. Remember, laugh it off and soon you’ll experience the thrill of life.


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