Sleep – The Needed Antidote for Health

By Deline Tan

Sleep – a state of rest and recovery in the night sleep is so important. Do not be deceived to think that you don’t need to sleep or need very little sleep. Sleep deprivation is the cause of many sicknesses, like aching muscles, confusion, memory lapse, depression, hallucination, headache, malaise, increased blood pressure, increased stress hormone level, increased risk of diabetes, irritability, obesity and psychosis.

In our daily activities, we’re stressed out through the various activities that we’re engaged in, and the body needs the needed rest and repair after a day’s work. If we constantly work through the night hours and deprive ourselves from sleep, know that it will develop into a chronic state of insomnia that will cause a person to sleep very little and eventually affect the organs in the body. The body and organs need repair during the night hours and if the body is deprived of sleep, it will affect the functions of the body.

When we sleep, our organs are repairing themselves and there is a cycle of the time clock that the body is subjected to for the organs to repair. From 11pm to 1am, the gallbladder is repairing itself during these hours, and this is the time that we should sleep for the night. The best sleep period is between 11pm to 6am, where the brain is completely at rest, and the body is refreshed the next morning to face the day activities.

From 1am to 3am, this is the time the liver is repairing itself, and usually people who suffer from liver problem are due to late night sleep. It is during this period that the enzymes that the liver produces during the day come to a halt and the bile juice that aids the digestion of the food rested. It is important to note that we should not eat anything after 11pm as the digestive tract needs rest, and if one is subjected to late night super regularly, know that one can suffer from heart attack.

Between 3am to 5am, this is the time the lung is repairing itself and that is the reason why a person who suffers from cough gets the worst cough during these hours because the lung is trying to rectify itself. From 5am to 7am, this is where the large intestine releases the waste, and that’s why it’s important that we empty our bowels in the morning. The best time to take breakfast is 7am, as between this time to 9am, the stomach is rejuvenating itself with the needed care for the digested food.

While you sleep, your body is repairing itself. If you deprive yourself of the needed sleep, you’re interrupting the body functions and repairs and that’s where people fall into all kinds of sicknesses. The night hours is meant for sleep, just as the day is meant for work and play. We must not be deceived to think that we don’t need sleep, as sleep is one of the vital means that we get our mind and body rested.

Our sleep runs in a cycle between every hour. The Rapid Eye Movement (REM) increases its level of sleep pattern in between our dreams and it increases and decreases its level of optimum sleep during each hour. This is why it’s important not to have interrupted sleep in between the nights, as the REM will function its best without any interruption if we rest throughout the night.

With a good night’s rest, the body and organs are well repaired and ready to tackle the day with new bright freshness if you have regular sleep between six to eight hours daily. Many people fell into the category that they work late and sleep late, only to get up with about four hours of sleep daily, which is detrimental to the health. If you do this regularly, soon you’ll fall into the syndrome of sleep deprivation and insomnia. When this happen, the body finds it difficult to adjust to the regular night hours of sleep and will affect your sleep pattern in the long run. Never fall into the trap in sleeping late and waking up early as the body is not designed to take the brute of such a pattern.

Never deprive yourself of sleep and remember to sleep at the latest by 11pm, and you’ll have the needed rest that you need for the night, and the best is to wake up at 6am, fresh and invigorates with life and energy for the day. Always sleep enough and rest early as this is the way to sleep healthy and never to fall ill.


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