Creatures of the House

By Deline Tan

 I don’t know about you, but I hate lizard. It seems that the households are affected by either rats, cockroaches, lizards, houseflies, ants, etc. Worse still, stray cats would visit your home often and create havoc in your kitchen. Why did I mention that I hate lizard? Simply because I can see them all over my house, licking the cups, pans and bowls, much to my utter disgust.

What will you do in this instance? Do you kill them, vow that you’ll never see them again, or would you cringe in fear? Seeing a dead lizard in my house scares me.  I wonder where all these creatures come from. Perhaps its God’s creation and they just exist.

I don’t understand why ladies are afraid of these pests. My cousin and sister-in-law are scared stiff when they spot a cockroach. They would yell at the top of their voices or jump around. I don’t understand why women have such  fears for these creatures. They are harmless, yet I must admit that we ladies are just afraid. Why is this so? What about the men, are they afraid too? Perhaps they have no fear of such creatures, where I suppose God created them to protect the women.

I know of a friend who was dead-scared when a rat invaded her kitchen. She would spend days not cooking. Finally her husband had to re-renovate the kitchen and get rid of the  hidden dead rat. Can you see the fear of such unwanted creatures that would ruin and spoilt her days.

What is the role of man when he sees his wife or girlfriend frantic about the cockroach or lizard crawling in the house? How would he tell her that it’s okay, and help her not to be afraid? Have you men ever really wonder why the ladies should be so afraid?

Once a bird flew into a room in my house and was stuck in there because it couldn’t find the way out. Even though it was only a bird but I was scared stiff. I wouldn’t dare look at the bird even though it was harmless. Ask any lady and she will tell you that she is afraid of something in her life. Strange but true.

How then can we get rid of these creatures? How? I wonder. These creatures are crawling everywhere and we can’t help but to acknowledge that they exist. How about the housefly or mosquito?  Aren’t they a nuisance too? Yet, as mankind evolves through the ages, men have to accept God’s creation. Are you disgusted with the mosquito because it buzzes your ears while you try to sleep? How about the flies? Can you still eat the food that the flies had settled on? There is really no solution to it except that we have to accept that they exist, and we ladies just have to find a way to get use to it and learn not to be afraid of them.

Whatever it is, know that if you desire to rid of your fears, you can. It’s a matter of psychology. Speak to yourself that you’re not afraid and ask God to remove the fear from you. With dependency on the Mighty God and praying persistently, know that you can break the fear and be set free. The key is, trust God and entrust your problem to Him and He will take care of you.

Still have fear for the creatures of the night? Do yourself a favour – speak to your situation and it’ll all be over.


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