High Fibre Diet – The Ultimate Way to Health

By Deline Tan

 What do you normally eat for your three meals? If you eat everything that is high fat and low fibre, know that you are doing injustice to yourself. If you are one that consumes very low fibre diet, then you may face with problems like constipation or gastrointestinal irritable bowel syndrome.

A high fibre diet is meant to keep your body on check, as it is also one of the means to prevent colorectal cancer and other problems like high blood cholesterol and diabetes. Since fibres shorten the time that waste products stay in the large intestine, it becomes less exposed to cancer-promoting agents.

With a high intake of fibre, it mixes with the bile juice, as soluble fibres bind with cholesterol-containing bile acids to excrete it out in the stool along with the fibre. The liver would draw more cholesterol from the blood to produce more bile acids, thus lowering blood cholesterol and prevents heart and artery diseases.

Also, soluble fibres slow the absorption of digested food, thus helping to control the rise of blood sugar level and preventing diabetes. This shows that high fibre diet is important to maintain good health, eliminating sicknesses due to high intake of fats. In our modern society, people are always in a hurry due to long hours at work, thus succumbing to fast food and consuming all the junk food with little fibre, causing deterioration of health.

It is important that we consume enough fruits, vegetables, wheat bran, grains and all kinds of nuts, as these foods have high fibre contents. Wholemeal bread is better than white bread because of high fibre in the wholemeal bread. The breakfast cereals and oats too are of a considerably high fibre content.

Choose what you eat wisely as the desired level for fibre in adults is between 20 to 35 grams of dietary fibres each day. However, in the affluent society, people consume between 10 to 15 grams a day, according to Health Digest. The sad part is that people usually consumed between 1 to 3 grams of dietary fibre in their diet per day. This is definitely insufficient if we want to maintain good health.

What is your fibre diet like? Think of your breakfast, lunch and dinner, what do you eat? If you have vegetables in every meal, that’s good, but you can include high fibre legumes and baked beans or boiled chickpea and lentils or mungbeans. These are high in fibres and you may want to consider switching to brown rice instead of white rice.

Other ways of acquiring fibre is to eat potato with the skin rather than peeled because it makes a difference in the fibre content. For fruits, the high fibred ones will be banana (pisang tali), durian, guava, jackfruit (chempedak), logan and dried prunes. Eat these as desserts after your meal as these fruits are really good and delicious too.

Make changes gradually in your diet, as fibres tend to give you a bloated feeling if you are not used to high fibre diet. As you adjust your diet and make changes, your stomach will soon get adjusted and then you can make high dietary fibre your main aim in your meals.

It is important to choose what you eat. If you want to enjoy life and have good health, make adjustment and you’ll never be sorry that you did because sicknesses are going to stay away from you and you can enjoy good healthy life-style.

Think about your diet the next time you take your meal. Are the foods high in fibre and does it help you to go regularly to the toilet every day. Colon health is important, as it is the main stay of our health if we have a good colon system.

Think fibre whenever you eat. Stay pink in health and enjoy your eating.


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