Keep Healthy – Exercise!

By Deline Tan

How many kilometers can you jog for half an hour? The average kilometer that an average runner can achieve is about 5 kilometers.
If you are a marathon runner, you can easily cloak within about more than an hour for 42 kilometers. Whatever your level, you will keep fit if you consistently keep to your routine in running.

For an ordinary person, it’s important that we exercise per se for about three times a week, and each duration for about half an hour. If you are working hard all week and find that you don’t have time for any exercises, try during the weekend to do some sporting activities with your loved ones. Bring your wife/husband and your children to
the beach and have a good walk round the park, cycle, or roller-blade.

If your job is sedentary and you are sitting at your desk all day, know that exercise will help your blood circulation as it increases your heartbeats which will help pump sufficient blood to your heart and gives you a good cardiac exercise. Exercise also helps balanced your cholesterol level and lowers it. It also causes fats to dissolve
in your body and shapes and firms your body.

It seems that when a person reaches middle age of about 30, he stops exercising as he is at the prime of his career. This is the time when fats accumulate at the waistline as he hardly exercises and will put on considerable weight.

Exercise can be a fun thing if you make it into a leisure routine, like playing tennis or go swimming. You can do it with family members or friends and at the same time you are spending quality time with them. Working out at the gym can be a fun time too as you encourage and support one another to work out the routines.

People are known to look younger when they exercise and are healthier. It is good to keep fit as you aged. Exercise invigorates your body and also clears away a good amount of toxic in your body through the sweat-glands. It builds up your energy level, gives you more strength and you are more cheerful too.

After an exercise, you will find that your body is lighter. It also prevents you from getting sick as the organs in your body are activated with a good supply of blood and prevents you from getting high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hypertension, and age-old diseases.

However busy you may be, do spend some time exercising as you up-kemp a healthy body. If you have a desire to keep fit, you will find time to exercise. Make your life worthwhile now as you are able to exercise, and aged gracefully.


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