Breakfast – To Eat or Not to Eat?

What is the one meal that you deem most important? Breakfast, lunch, or dinner? For most people, breakfast is one of the meals that they will not go without. This is because when we wake up in the morning, our stomach is empty and we need energy for the day to get going. Hunger proceeds to eating and breakfast is one of the meals that are most
important because we need energy for the day.

What do most people eat during breakfast? Toasted bread, a cup of fruit juice, or corn-fakes. For continental meal, we might go for porridge, noodles or oats and we tend to be eating a bit less compared to lunch and dinner because it is the first meal of the day and the body may not be ready to absorb a hearty-full meal.

Why do we say that breakfast is the most important meal? This is because people go to work and they need body glucose for the brain which has no storage excess to help in thinking and working through the start of the day. Without breakfast the mind is stale and not able to function to its optimum level, as there is no fuel for the brain.

However, how is it that some people can skip breakfast and yet seem to be doing well during their morning work? Routine is something that they have caught up with, and people who don’t need breakfast are the ones who have pre-conditioned their body not to eat in the morning and they go jolly well without it because of habit.

Let’s hear what some of my friends said about taking or not taking breakfast. Annie, a former classmate of mine says that she deems breakfast as the most important meal because it is the start of the day. She would not eat a heavy meal, and would go for bread or bee-hoon, as it varies from day to day. If it so happen that she skips breakfast, she would feel hungry while at work and would binge biscuits to keep her hunger-pang away. She even feels weak and dizzy if the important meal is missed out in the morning.

She says, “Breakfast is important because it is the start of the day, but I don’t eat too much because it’s early in the morning. I am used to taking breakfast, and without it I would feel difficult.”

Doris, a friend that I met a few years ago in a friend’s place also says that breakfast is important to her, as she would drink lots of water and fruit-juices which makes her morning blissful. She adds, “It’s been a while that I would go for fruit-juice like water-melon, beet-root, carrot or orange as it always makes me fresh. I would go for light breakfast like toast bread or bun (bao), and even bee-hoon.”

It seems that indeed people do admit that they need breakfast at the start of the day and they see it as important. However, I have a friend, Florence, who told me that she don’t take breakfast at all because her body system is slow to responding to food early in the morning. She does not feel weak or tired, and she simply feels a zest for the start of the day without eating anything.

She says, “I’m used to not taking breakfast and it is a habit now for the last 10 years after the birth of my daughter. I can simply go without it and not feel anything.”

About 10% of the Singapore’s population does not eat breakfast according to Health Digest, but majority of the people feel that it is the most important meal that they can go without.

A hearty breakfast is usually what everyone goes for as it brightens the day and gives that extra energy and strength for the morning that keeps you going for the day. If you don’t need breakfast, you are not an alien because you simply do not bear the morning food.

Whatever it is, you are what you are whatever make-up you are made of. With or without breakfast, you bear the consequences of your health. It has been proven by experts that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and without it, it will not be healthy for your health.


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